BitCoin at strong support. Start of 3rd wave?

Hi everybody!

Its been hell of a ride and pretty sure most people who hold are in deep recession. Some say bitcoin will hit 100 before 100K. Many took already loss and some are buying back in. So who knows? I think Pros read the chart. If you trade or invest you should always have a edge for something you have a chance to loose almost all your investment. So we can learn price patterns and ratios. Maybe later add Elliot theory. Its probability so it takes discipline and knowhow.

If price action tells us to look for buys Then we can look for it. Right now we have support and if edge comes then buyers will return. Now I assume that all the bulls are looking for confirmation.

All the best!

Brake out and volume
How confident are you that the lowest point of the last descending wave is $8,500 and that it wont sink lower?

Thanks for the analysis
Toivo kash27
@kash27, Well all I know is that I can count last sharp move down as a five wave structure and it could be C wave of 2nd wave. So we had two tests at this support level and that gives as a edge to go long with stoploss (risk).
We could easily sink lower but what if we dont? Time will tell :)
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