BURSTBTC - 4H Trend Continuation

Burst has recently had a bounce off of Ehlers 4h MA cloud and a break of recent highs with good momentum. Opening up positions based on price action.
Dagangan aktif
Dagangan aktif: Positions still open. Ehlers sentiment is showing bearish on the 4H chart and bullish on the daily chart. This is typically a good indication that price is still in a correction phase before continuing on the daily/4H trend.

Good idea to continue holding or add on to position size here.

Dagangan aktif: Waiting and watching. I have some mental stops in mind just below the wick at the 0.00000280 area.

BURST is hanging out in what looks like a very tight range - BREAKOUT or BREAKDOWN seems inevitable. ill take the former
philipdinu BeerdHead
@BeerdHead, I agree, looks like it's about to transition from ranging back to trending. BURST is one of my top picks for this year, I think it's going to be big.
BeerdHead philipdinu
yeah - next action shows, up im taking profits in the high 700s (current resistance) --- if it breaks, ill just gap buy back in as soon as possible.

after that im letting it run to high 800s before taking profit - really seems obvious that we'll see 1k sats BURST this year
philipdinu BeerdHead
@BeerdHead, Good play. After we pass that 800/1k area area, who knows where the limit will be. With all of the attention the media is getting on crypto recently, I hope we demolish that 1k target and burst pulls what NEO pulled this year.
could you please explain to me,what is 4h MA?
philipdinu mrdhsyn
@mrdhsyn, It is short for a moving average cloud charted on the 4 hour time series. The two moving averages I use are the MAMA (red line) and FAMA (green line), the cloud is described as the area fill between.
mrdhsyn philipdinu
@philipdinu, Thank you so much for explanation
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