(D) Double Bottom // The Weekly Neck // Gartley // IF=THEN ®

FX_IDC:CADJPY   Dolar Kanada/ Yen Jepun

. Double Bottom @monthly&weekly support;
. The Neck @ weekly resistance;
*Double bottom is only valid if the price break the neck;

. Bullish impulse:
- IF this is the 3th wave, it "should" terminate around the 161% extension, close to the neck, and then a small pull back expected that can't cross the top of wave 1 forging wave 4, and... wave 5=wave 1; (by default)

Between 89$ / 90$ >> The Gartley is completed, start looking for divergence on that price zone for an eventual short;

Point B:
61.8% can not touch 78.6% XA
Point C:
38.2% to 88.6% AB
Point D:
78.6% XA
127% ext AB
TP1 38.2% AD
TP2 61.8% AD

* Risk/Reward - SL above point X, look the structure...

Extra trade setup:
The 2618 Bullish trade IF the Gartley offer us the 2nd take profit target zone around daily support @82.81$ - again, once there, start looking for divergence for an eventual buy;

Check educational links below:
double top and 2618 - how to trade it...
default elliott waves behavior...
rsi divergence...
and harmonic patterns ratios;

Safe Trades;
Mar 08


Your work ethic is simply amazing, The fact that you have posted so many ideas within such a short time frame proves how dedicated you are. Your knowledge of the market is unlike any other I've seen. Great job Mr. Jazz---J Madrid
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