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Simple excellent
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Good post, thanks for sharing but I have one comment: what you called a running flat is actually an irregular or expanded flat.

A running flat has C above A in bull market and not below, like so:
It's a strong bullish signal and can be mistaken for (part of) a leading/ending diagonal where people try to sell when price moves up again from C and touches the upper trendline...

Other than that very good work, keep it coming!
Exellent job!

But beginners must know that any retracement (complex too) by definition cannot expand or expand impulse that it (retracement) adjust. Too many have this delusion...

Andre_Cardoso PolarSolar
top, thanks ;)
Although I'm just now seeing this; wanted to THANK YOU!! I'm still VERY new to all this and every extra little visual to try and train this old, ADD brain of mine, helps a GREAT Deal!
this its now one of the best post i have seen in TV really great job mate and thank for sharing
Thanks a lot, quite a good educational tutorial with easy to understand. The triangle is missing Fibonacci label for accurate count. Please do add other correction or impulse like expanding, contracting diagonal etc and do add Fibonacci like the above
1000 GRAZIE!!!
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