Dilihat 5776 kali
5776 40 already break channel down, and heading to support.
best option to buy after it touch 1085 or around support zone , and aim for 388% profit projection at 5305

but careful at 1939,, this level can be strong resistance,, and if we have pullback, stop and secure your 72% profit.
68% profit so far .
Great TA!!!
at 2000 now,,
@DianKemala update please
@DianKemala Do you think this one is still going up or moving sideways for a while?
@DianKemala Do you think CFI still touches the 1085 support or is it already on its way up?
Stay away from any Idea by posted by this Account that meets the following criteria:

1) Thinly traded altcoin, especially one you've never heard of. Very little trading volume the last few weeks+
2) Advising readers to open a long trade
3) Very high target point despite medium to long term downward trend that is supposedly "broken" in last day.
4) (optional) The chart is longer time frame than 1 hour chart

The ideas recommended by this account are often very good and profitable - but only when they relate to robust markets with good volume, such as any of the top 10 crypto pairs, or any fiat pairs.

The ideas relating to ultra low volume pairs generally result in a spoke to maybe 25 or 50% of the target at most. People buying during this period are called bagholders.
+14 Balas
hirounsung SleeperWoof
@SleeperWoof, well said.
+2 Balas
jonho714 SleeperWoof
@SleeperWoof, Well Mr. Sleeper, I don't see you doing any TA.
+2 Balas
mrrobbot jonho714
The whatabout-ism criticsm is not warranted here. I have seen @SleeperWoof's comments on other threads. I think his intentions were to get everyone put forward their own analysis rather than agree to the trading idea being posted by anyone. After all, trading has risks! The criteria he outlined are valid and are very helpful. Just think: How do we know if were are being dragged to a pump and dump schemes?

No doubt -- @DianKemela has the knack for pattern recognition and presents very clean charts. However, I agree that hard caps, volume must be always be checked wether targets are achievable. As @SleeperWoof has said, the ideas are profitable but you got to set the timing and %profits relative to the facts I've mentioned.
+3 Balas
segzymike SleeperWoof
Have you checked the price today in relation to the TA she posted on CFI?
Her analysis have been accurate so far, slow though, but reliable
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