Clams [ CLAMBTC] | [+2000% potential Profit]



Token in active development with high potential, price at the bottom and a lot room to grow.
Indicators are hinting a bullish movement.


1d chart:

MACD , RSI and STOCH are confirming a bullish movement in the near future.
Fibonacci levels are very high.

weekly chart:

We see a falsified image by the lasted bitcoin "crash".
This coin will rise on a more stabilized market.


0.00065000 - 0.00080000

Targets via fibonacci

1 | 0.00352047
2 | 0.00561170
3 | 0.00899204
4 | 0.01139838
5 | 0.01446360 | old all time high
6 | 0.02331551 | new all time high <— Fib. 1.618 extension


Invest relax & earn.
We only trade for profit, never for loss.
Komen: perfectly in buy-in area!
Dagangan aktif
Any ideas @ why the price drop today. Not really concerned, actually bought some more. But curious.
+1 Balas
@bencr, a lot of alts dropped today.
Give it some time. It needs time to get up with the whole market. :)
Thank you for your interest!
bencr Crypto-CR
@Crypto-CR, Oh yeah, I don't have a problem waiting. Patience has brought me good returns...with Clams and others. Actually just finished shifting some things around to free up some BTC to buy more Clams :) Also there was a similar lull last Jan/Feb and then just craziness (in a good way) starting end of March - June. Prayers/fingers-crossed for a repeat...I think the 'ingredients' are there... :)
+1 Balas
@bencr, this coin is going to make me rich.i have accumulated it for long.i know that clams is one in a season coin.i am waiting
bencr gooddoctor
@gooddoctor, yeah, it's a significant part of my strategy also...been accumulating as well.
Because everything dropped ;)
Also, from a technical standpoint, it's pretty cool. Based on bitcoin but POS. POS also unique in that it requires you to be online or your miss your turn to stake. This incentives holders to stay on line and participate (versus coins where you can connect whenever without worry of missing your turn). Active development, strong community as well, been around for years. One of my favs :)
+1 Balas
Yeah. I'm long on it. Serious profit potential if you look at movements historically. Especially at the prices it hit today on Poloniex
+1 Balas
this coin is dead no?
Crypto-CR SuperTimon
absolutly not.
Look at the btc fall.
When you say this, which coin is not?
Please take patience, you don‘t have to invest, but give it time.
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