DASH/USD Bullish Chart

First let's take a look at the EMAs, we have a golden cross (50 EMA crossed above the 200 EMA ) and our candles are above the 21 EMA = bullish . We will also have the 100 EMA cross above the 200 EMA soon which would be great also. Next lets take a look at the other indicators, our RSI has room to grow pointing upward as if to suggest that it wants to push into the power range above 70. The MACD is showing a little selling pressure but that can change especially with all the other indicators looking so great. Of course we must state the obvious, BTC controls this market and as long as BTC stays stable and or moves up DASH should also. What makes this even more interesting is the break out play that is building up, specifically the pattern that is possibly being created. I've drawn up an ascending triangle which looks to be forming, if we measure the triangle we look to have a possible breakout to around/between 213.00 - 224.00 dollar area. By looking left we can see that, that dollar area lines up with former resistance also, furthering the confluence and idea that this projects value may break upward.
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