Another Data Breakout?

BITFINEX:DATUSD   Streamr / Dollar
RSI is still bullish! I'm thinking it will consolidate for a little bit, and visit a few support levels first, then breakout. If it breaks down expect the trend line .

Here's what it looks like against BTC:

Cheers and GLWT!
Komen: Breakout?
Komen: We broke down hard vs BTC... Money indicator is showing bullish life tho...rebound soon?
Komen: OK. It looks like we've bottomed in the BTC chart. Let's get ready for an impulse wave back to the 0.618 where there will be megaphone resistance in the BTC chart.
Komen: I think we can aim higher now.
Komen: We did hit megaphone resistance! It will likely consolidate here before choosing a direction. Meanwhile, the USD chart will benefit or suffer from BTCUSD price action.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: MIN TP! Cheers.
Komen: Looking to cash out into BTC around here.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: MID TP!!!
It hit our target area in the BTC chart. I think we need to consolidate for now.
Dagangan aktif: Another 70%?
Dagangan ditutup secara manual

Idea Berkaitan

Hello there!
I'm following you for a while and your trading approche is quite amazing.
Do you have a channel, website or anything to quide us on how to get the MIN/MID/MAX TP?

Thank you for your answer and keep up the good work!
Agency liptoncs
@liptoncs, thanks for your comment! I don't have anything setup for now. I'll make an "education" post one of these days to show you how I find these targets. For now keep following ;)
+1 Balas
RSI is good now, we goin' up
Agency ustas2
@ustas2, careful now as some of the indicators (MFI in the BTC chart) are not bullish atm...
ustas2 Agency
@Agency, yes, without pressure from BTC it could be 0.25 now... I think it easy to pump DATA, so it will be pumped ))
ustas2 Agency
@Agency, thank you ery much, and let I share my view:
ustas2 ustas2
@ustas2, please check my graph in comment from dec 12 ;)
Any fundamentals coming regarding to Streamer ?
update please)
22Dec 2017 - 2$
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