3rd Public update DATUSD

BITFINEX:DATUSD   Streamr / Dollar
All is shown on the screenshot on twitter to prove it
Please refer to the screenshot published on my twitter link @Cryptographiste

For the 1st update Virtual investment at 1385// Virtual short at 210

For the 2 update yesterday Vitual entry at 270 (time where I have seen that something was happening)// Virtually I still in to reach the targets

Please be also advise to read some press release where DATUSD 5.60% is introduced as an very interesting alternative well advanced in comparison to IOTA

All here is virtual, TA just for the fun and to improve myself

For the question why I have published privately first instead of publicly?

Because I had some technical issues to publish publicly via Tradingview,
This is why I suggest strongly to follow me also on twitter.

Nevertheless It was the opportunity for all my followers to have a live trading private analysis for free as all here. ^^

Good luck to all
Komen: Comon what going on???
I have written I am virtually in since 270 and drawn a stoploss at 250 when theorically the price should had to touch the second bearish support and what I am seeing...
The price is a range between 280 and 270 after a quick contact with my theorical stoploss at 250?
A new lesson for me that someone is trying to give me? A new challenge :)
Let s have a look tomorrow on my chart what is going on when I will be back...
Komen: IT IS 6.58 AM HERE
Komen: lol again R/H/R/H/R
Komen: update bullflag is completed
Komen: DAT has broekn up the first bearish resistance, keep on move.
See on the link if you want to look my extra beautiful chart updated
Komen: In some few time it will pump strongly. now it is time of pullback. hold
Komen: Don t be afraid by DATUSD if you have short it, I keep an eye on it. I am not going to update again but it blocks under the first bearish oblique resistance around 220, after that we have another one just above 240, you can see on the link of the 20.
Hodl and relax
Komen: read "invested in" rather than "short it"
Komen: Someone is playing with the price with accumulation (inside the chanel of bearish resistance/support) and distribution phase when we are just close to the bearish oblique resistance.
I see you man.
Why is he doing this :-|
Komen: We are going to break a resistance between 248 and 250 soon
Komen: Small update to show you the game and how they are manipulating the price
Thanks for update!
@CreatinasAK, your welcome mate
is better to take my money now,and invest in other coin?
@asho, pm me if you want my opinion and follow me in the same time
asho Cryptographist
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