possible wave count

TVC:DEU30   Indeks DAX
Initial wave (a) done?
Komen: not much of change so far
Komen: triangle (b) or zigzag (b) with a triangle b
Komen: Fibo 50% or 61.8% re-tracement may defend short-term bulls
Komen: close to a trend reversal ?
Komen: previous alter count won
Komen: bearish assumption
Komen: expanded flat still possible
Komen: it seems wave (b) has some unfinished business
Komen: triangle x or flat b ?
Komen: could be another c of (b) up
Komen: could be a complex (b) wave
Komen: the short-term decline is getting sharper, maybe wave (b) or (ii) is done
Komen: the short-term picture is not very clear, could be more sideways
Komen: well, if this is truly a bearish structure, we should see lower degree consolidations that may allow us to join with bears
Komen: still expecting wave (c) decline
Komen: The triangle (b) wave is no longer valid as DAX made a new high today
This left us with 3 possible scenarios:
- Expanded Flat wave 4
- Running Triangle wave 4
- Extended wave 3
Komen: bearish flag short set up
Komen: green wave {C} is about 2 times the length of green wave {A}, probably a good time to take the profit
Komen: potential (i)-(ii)-i-ii count
Hi, Do you think it's gonna go down 12844 before go up till 13265??
wsbza J0seLu1s
@J0seLu1s, to be honest I do not know, there are number of different counts, ideally I would prefer to see more sideways corrective pattern before another sell off starts. if my abc flat =(w) then another (x) wave could either break w wave low or not, then make another abc for Y or abcde for Y. If my count was wrong, say my pink c is actually only the start of the correction, we could have c=a', if wave a'=5 i would not expect it have deep wave b' but if internal of wave a'=3 it is more likely to see a deep retracement
@wsbza, Thx so much.
wsbza J0seLu1s
@J0seLu1s, Assume the initial decline(i to v within the white channel) is wave (i) or (a), if the subsequent decline is sharper than wave (i), then maybe my a-b-c is wave(ii)
@wsbza, yep, thats the same I was thinking the same right now, lets see what happen. Keep up the great work.
wsbza Walentine
@Walentine, looks like your count is more accurate
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