Imminent Breakout for DGB

POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
DGB is the absolute best UTXO mineable blockchain. Well established since 2014. Lightning fast speeds with 15 second blocks. DGB has solved BTC scaling issues by doubling block size every two years. DGB can process 560 transactions per second but scales to 280,000 TPS by 2035. DGB is the most secure blockchain with 5 mining algorithms which protects it from a 51% attack. DGB activated Segwit in April of 2017 which allows for atomic swaps and cross chain transactions.

Oversold on the weekly and monthly charts which supports strong upward movement.

Train leaving the station very soon. Buy today and hold as a long term investment if you so desire.
Komen: DGB chart in USD:

Komen: December is a great month for DGB. Nice come back!!

Komen: @ od_god Thank you for the nice comment!
Komen: Article about DGB featured on Forbes:
Komen: John McAfee openly endorses DGB as a digital asset that solves the issues that plague BTC:
Komen: On Christmas Day you can trade DGB on OKEx, a major Chinese exchange:
Komen: Some of the technical aspects of DGB:
Komen: The DGB community is very active on Twitter on a daily basis. They are reaching out to major exchanges:
Komen: DGB was recently added to Ledger so that users can store their digibytes on a hardware wallet:
Komen: DGB has a global presence. Feel free to browse the comments on official Twitter page from users all over the world:
Komen: A brief snapshot of DGB's history:
Komen: Jared Tate founded DGB:

He recently was invited to speak at a Bitcoin conference in Texas:
Komen: Jared also spoke during a blockchain conference in Africa in 2016:
Komen: Here's my personal opinion of Jared Tate, the founder and lead developer of DGB:

It is abundantly clear that Jared has an amazing work ethic. He has labored tirelessly to make DGB better over the years even amidst all of the negative comments from trolls.

He is a man of integrity and is transparent.

He has made it very clear on Reddit that he has no interest in speculating about price. He purposefully does not announce news in advance to prevent sudden pumps in price.

He listens to the community and values their opinion and implements their ideas to make DGB better.

Don't listen to all of the nonsense on forums where some people bash Jared because they lost their investment by buying at all time high and selling at the bottom.
Komen: Thanks for all of the comments!

@Andrew138, I completely agree with you. DGB is already a solid digital asset! All that is needed is for developers to build applications on the fastest and most secure UTXO blockchain.
Komen: @ hamidikia.ali, My gut feeling is that we will breakout regardless of what BTC is doing. Admittedly, I could be wrong.

After all, DGB is essentially Bitcoin 2.0 and it can stand on its own two feet. The market sentiment is strong towards DGB. This is evident when you read all of the tweets on official page.

DGB has found nice support on a historical uptrend line which is very nice to see.
Komen: Wouldn't it be nice if DGB was integrated into the BTC network as a 2nd layer payment solution since it solves speed and transaction fee issues!
Komen: @MisterShaker, Smart move but you need more!! Think big.
Komen: @MisterShaker, Wisely put. You can store your 26k on a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.
Komen: @MisterShaker, I think the price will reach $20 within 1-2 years. My rationale is that the supply of DGB to BTC is 1,000:1. If BTC is $20k then DGB should be around $20. Especially, when you consider the value propositions of DGB. Namely, it can be utilized as a 2nd layer payment solution on the BTC network. Let me expound on this further. DGB could work in the background processing all of Bitcoin's micro transactions on its own chain.

This would solve the following issues that BTC has:

i) DGB can process 560 TPS and that scales up to 280,000 TPS

ii) DGB has 15 second blocks so transactions are confirmed in 1.5 minutes

iii) DGB has a transaction fee that is a very small fraction of one cent (even when DGB is worth $20)

Furthermore, DGB is a defender of 25+ altcoins since it protects them from a malicious attack utilizing Digishield and Multishield. So, it has intrinsic value.

No need for forks like Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin need only to integrate Digibyte into its network. Let the two pair up and develop a working protocol with payment processors around the world.

Isn't the solution so simple and obvious.

Hat's off to Jared Tate and all of the developers for creating a blockchain that solves real issues.

Its use case is utility-based.
Komen: @MisterShaker, Thanks!! I really appreciate that. It's my pleasure.
Komen: @ bullion_money, Yes, DGB is super fast! DGB activated segwit back in April of 2017 so atomic swaps and cross chain transactions will be possible on the lightning network.

Digi is a privacy coin.

DGB community is passing around a petition with the hopes of getting DGB onto Coinbase.

Well, if we get onto Coinbase then expect a massive increase in value since it will allow users to buy DGB directly with USD.

And, think about what this means. Lightning fast transfers from Coinbase to
personal wallet or exchange.

Plus, the transaction fee will cost roughly one thousandth of one cent!

Furthermore, if you are invested in BTC, LTC, or ETH, you would be able to buy DGB on Coinbase, transfer, and then exchange for the aforementioned assets.

If you want to add value to DGB then please sign this petition:
Komen: @Andrew138, Thanks for signing and sharing the Coinbase petition!

I completely agree with you on that point.
Komen: A bullish scenario:

Komen: Inverse head and shoulders formation on BTC & DGB charts:

Oh I signed shared and reshared! Honestly, I think coinbase needs to add a lot more coins anyway.
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I though verge was fast but damn this coin is fast and atomic swap dont know if digi has that and is it anon?
+1 Balas
It's breaking out right now!
+3 Balas
I love your responses and analysis gunther. :) Thanks for all the time and effort you put in sharing knowledge, opinions & analysis!
+4 Balas
Got 26K of DGB that I decided to hold until at least 5$
+4 Balas
MisterShaker MisterShaker
Capital management is important. Things can change anytime. I have a bigger stack, but I will sell small portions on certain profit targets (first one is on almost a dollar though, so they are long targets anyway). Those 26K arent going anywhere until 5 bucks!
+3 Balas
Yeah digibyte is really going to be a pretty solid coin in the coming years. Jared Tate is a pretty innovative guy IMHO
+3 Balas
I see positive signs for this the breakout upward however the current BTC uncertainty may cause some problems here!
The fact that it's holding out up there is great though!
Any ideas on this?
+2 Balas
Thanks for all you do Gunther! Keep up the good work. It doesn't go unnoticed.
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