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Not quite yet but there should be a bounce coming.

It is easy to look at DGD and wonder why it failed at the same time as BTC since most of the time it is an inverse proxy of BTC .

Well, the chart here is a bounce play coming sooner or later. I am not in DGD and not sure I won't be in an other coin when this pops but I do like to follow.

I put arrows from the bounce line at 350562 which could be the buy zone.
Sell zone arrow one is the easy 40000
#2 is 439393
#3 is 481148

This chart is log scale thanks to jasonsosar

I use specifics so we can look back to see how the log scale and TA works this is not trade advice.

Komen: Above is how I draw my lines. Start at the beginning of the rally and always obey the big picture and look for the big trend and RSI and volume to plot entry and exit.
Pesanan dibatalkan: Seems like a clear violation and BTC is set for a little rally, Trend broken use fib lines for support and previous resistance is now support.
Komen: This is the frustration of crypto trading.
Komen: You should never do what I did, buy in in a panic after a 10% move. I was rewarded for my bad behavior. DGD does not work in a panic. People sell EVERYTHING so beware...
Komen: So, if DGD sells WITH BTC like the January dump the go to USDT or cash!!! But, DGD moves well technically and this looks like a good starting point.
Komen: DUMB MONEY COMING IN ON USA TIME> When DGD goes up with BTC things get weird. But this is great news for DGD. I am looking for a puulback to the longer moving average to buy back in. BTC should rally from here and then fail miserable. DGD heading to new al time highs for the candle. That high on the wick would be nice though...
Komen: the 25MA is the buy level in rallies anything below is a deal..
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