Alts still weak, Time to SHORT, 3 profit targets, max 63%

POLONIEX:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
DOGE coin has completed 5 Elliot Waves, now we look for good position or short term swing. Don't worry about wave 4 covering stick from wave 1, we can say price has stopped around 36 there. I expect at leat correction C incoming. Besides, Dogecoin is pump and dump scheme.

MACD bearish , simple candlesticks formation marked on red (abandoned baby).

Price should not rise above 62 sat.
Perdagangan aktif: BTC has strong influence on alts, my analysis is fundamental and technical.
CFD on BTC and futures are bubbling BTC.
Perdagangan tutup: hentian tercapai: stop at 58 has been eaten, trade is not valid anymore as DOGE performed bullish nature.
Doge will break out , you will miss a big opportunity
I still believe in DOGE. I bought too high at 73 and still did not cut loss.
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BTC has strong influence of x/BTC. Wow, such deduction skills.
Where can you short - I don't have a poloniex account - bittrex, binance, kukoin, etc...? Thanks for your analysis :)
pinfkloyd bilalghalib
@bilalghalib, I know only poloniex platform able to short this. I am usual poloniex user, as number of ppl online has returned, lags disappeared. I never had any troubles with them, even during holiday changes. I know some users claimed thief but poloniex is about to handle this.
I apologize for narrow spectrum of trade possibility, I will handle this in future. At least this is sign for dogeholders to sell.
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bilalghalib pinfkloyd
@pinfkloyd, Guess I can sell for a bit, there are a few coins I am interested in right now and that'll free up some funds for em :) I really like holding doge though, haha! And I don't like trading toooo often, so I really want to be sure when I exit a position I wont want to jump back in 3 days from now...
pinfkloyd bilalghalib
@bilalghalib, You could create an opportunity for Yourself by selling a little and hunting dips.
Balas are about to loose money...
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