EMC2 getting ready for rally, considering 19th Dec News

POLONIEX:EMC2BTC   Einsteinium / Bitcoin
Hello Everyone,

Here is the analysis on EMC2, it is getting ready for another rally. It was beaten heavily, and now hovering around the support.

The pattern we caught is Descending triangle pattern, yeah I agree chance of pattern success is 50%

But our plan is to buy on Low, so we can safe our capital with less loss in case if it goes otherwise.

Or Buy after break out.

Entry :

1) Buy on breakout : 12000
2) Buy on supports. : 8500

Target :
T1 : 14000
T2 : 19000


Below the Support , 7000, it is for very very safe side.

Komen: that was quick 20% from the support. Move your stoploss to cost.
Komen: Look at that candle massive buying.
Komen: 40% from our levels.
Komen: EMC2 had a massive run. It went on like a rocket and dumped in the same way. Well, Reason could be many who have bought in the top of the last run might have sold it, profit taking or buyers saturated at that level. We can buy here as well, as we are down by 15% from the top.
Komen: Lot of activity here.
Komen: Consolidating at $2 before big leap. If notice this coin's pattern is to consolidate and jump.
Komen: Back in action.
Komen: BTC up and huge resistance at the Top of the triangle pushed the price to 10200 (Minor Support)

In the day, we had range of 10000 ---> 11700, easy 17% . One can watch these levels for range trading.
Komen: If you havenot closed for profit, please hold. We are on support.

Whoever bought on top (12200) have to wait for few more days.

Please note : Buying in FOMO (fear of missing out ) is dangerous. Its ok to miss the trade. We will have another opportunity.
Komen: Lot of activity on this today. 2 more days for the news. Buy the rumours and sell the news.

Unless it is excellent news, there is no use to keep this coin. It may take months to recover.
Komen: Back to 12000, except a breakout soon for the target 14000. set your sell orders (50%)
Komen: Price touched 13700 (New Resistance).

T1 : 14000 (13700) - Achieved.
T2 : Next Target.
Komen: News tomorrow. Activate your targets.
Komen: It will be a mad rush with in 20 hrs. Hold the horse, Plan your targets.

It hard to say that it will touch 19000 at retrace, people may sell at 18000, so watch it and book it.
Komen: wow. 1500 sat in no time.
Komen: Trailing stop loss can help to secure the profits.

Currently I have at 14000
Komen: Its all a trick. 11 Mins past the said time, no news announced. They are dumping the coins. Cheap trick.
Komen: No more EMC2, call closed. We suggest only safe coins most of the time. This one turned as hype.

Hope your capital saved with stoploss. I got out at 14000.
Komen: Technically, we can buy around 4200-4300 for a decent return. - making 600% average / month. Take a look.

3 Commos. Good for Bot Trading, Trailing Sl, Take profits. Better than exchanges. Worth Investing.
Strange, it seems people are actually buying the dip regardless of this horrible announcement..
So sad
JayCrypto12345 sduddupudi
said for the people dumping it because the news is a bit late. You can buy it cheap now at about 10000 satoshi

the news

youre welcome
maheswar81 JayCrypto12345
@JayCrypto12345, but the news is not worth.
maheswar81 maheswar81
@maheswar81, It was hyped because everyone thought they have contract with Apple.
Got a tiny profit though, this was kinda cheap hope they will get banned from Bittrex or other exchanges
maheswar81 Monolith85
@Monolith85, yes. Everyone dumping the coin. It will take years to come back if incase the news is a humbug.
JayCrypto12345 Monolith85

dude its not bullshit, the news IS indeed on their website

(btw scroll down a bit )
Monolith85 JayCrypto12345
@JayCrypto12345, Uhm, sorry but this company (or whatever you wanna call it) is clearly setup as pump and dump scheme that all planned out well.
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