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Buy in now or forever hodl yur pece.
Yeah it bottomed for a reason. They promoted and announced some bogus "major news", but not before dumping over 30% right before they published it.

Stay away from this coin.
EMC2 is a scam, forget it
+1 Balas
mightytrader BrieucdeLooz-Corswarem
@BrieucdeLooz-Corswarem, @dsmartgo - Is it a scam? How so? Because you failed to take your profits? This coin is great. It PUMPS. And it was major news. They never said anything about this Apple baloney; that was some rumor.

Coin is now in accumulation mode so Whales can do another PUMP! $$$ E=mc^2 BABY! $$ =)
dsmartgo mightytrader
@mightytrader, Look at the dump on the 19th. Happened literally minutes before the "news. Suspect as fk
@dsmartgo, Yeah, I know. I traded that dump. I saw the price wasn't moving so well so I got out.

It dumped from the 150's to the 90's... I sold around 148 and rebought at 93. And it bounced!

I sold around 115 I think.


Whales always sell the news. (almost always; typically)

Look at Next and the Ignis drop. Another DUMP.

I traded just now and made another 15% tonight.

Often times, these fundamentals are priced-in.

And something like Apple partnership... Just think hard... assume people are lying. There's so much manipulation in crypto.

Only way to get away from dumps is to buy good coins when they are low.


I just bought a bagload and going to hold until it AT LEAST doubles (but I really think it will 3-4x) in the next 1-2 months.
@dsmartgo, Keep in mind, EMC2 went up 20x in like 2.5 weeks or something. So, buying at those levels anyway is waaaaay too risky (except for short-term, day-trading - that's how I played it with the announcement)
@dsmartgo, If you day trade, you must cut the losses quickly. Don't confuse buy-and-hold and swing trades.

If I'm up and the momentum is slowing down, I take my profits.

If coin is going down and I don't like the price action... I sell. I take the small loss and wait.

That's what I did with Next tonight. It was really tricky but at the end of the night, I am in profit!
@dsmartgo, Trading is hard labor! Either buy something really low as investment (like TenX). But I watch my day-trades like a Hawk.

I was watching NXT for 4 hours today! It was intense!
@mightytrader, If you are not smart enough to understand that's this kind of action is a scam so I let you lose your money. This coin lose the thrust of investisors, there is nothing else to understand. There is so much others coins!
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