EOS bull run Q1 2018

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This one is so obvious! Cup and handle . Both daily, 12h and 4h candles shows the same pattern.

Unless cryptocurrency economy gets wrecked by a surprise (regulational problems, economical collapse in fiat markets etc.) EOS will see 0.001 BTC before the end of Q1 2018.

55k to 65k satoshi range is a good entry point. Setting stop loss very low at 45K because I like to give my coin investment some space to grow.

Dagangan aktif: That was fast. I didn't expect it to reach 100k so fast! What goes up goes down and vice versa. The faster it gets, the faster it gets crushed.

I slowly took profits at around 110-120k range.

Trade still active as i still have a bit EOS tokens left.

I stongly believe EOS will re-visit its lower prices once again. Don't buy it now tho.

When to buy: Old stop loss value is now inside the new buy-zone. Any value below 45k satoshi is good entry. Value is somewhat arbitrary, since I don't have TA to proof validity of entry zone. The lower the better as always. But I wouldn't expect it to go much lower than 40k.

This one is a buy-and-hold type token. Not worth scalping. If btc start another freak show rally to 20k, only then it might gain enough volatility to swing trade.

Happy profits.
Komen: EOS is surpassing my expectations. Antpool pump has created an important momentum. price is still climbing. Sadly, i have sold all my EOS tokens last month.

Protect your investment.
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