EOSETH correction

The image of an inverse shs becomes more and more blurred.
Anyway, the indicated trend channel might be important and an reversal therefore soon possible.
First a dip unter 0.008 is possible.
Of course there is hope. Price just touched the trendline as a possible support, the present corrective wave 2 is in the right area to stop (preceding wave 4). And if eth goes tenfold in Jan and Eos only ninefold, we will be happy anyway - although eoseth will go down. ;-)
yuslav ligand
@ligand, I bought EOS 0,0125 ETH... Now he 0,008 ETH... I won't be happy ;) if it does not rise back up to 0,0125 though ;) what do you think should leave EOS and and sell.
ligand yuslav
@yuslav, I cannot forsee the future, with ct its only about probability. Perhaps you can find a trend channel for eosusd which indicates an possible upturn? Good luck and accept your mistakes as investments - but you have to make them yourself.
yuslav ligand
@ligand, ok, thank you and good luck!
ligand yuslav
@yuslav, obviously eos did find the right trend channel as support.
So there is no hope that in January will not fall?
I am fresh to chart Analysis. Any recommendations on resources where I can pick up the fundamentals?

I personally think this is a great time to buy EOS. Fundamentals of the project are the strongest by far and the hype train will come around in June when people see what the platform can actually do.
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ligand bobo12453
@bobo12453, for example start with reddit
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@ligand, thanks!
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