EOS - Looks good for a risky trade - Not recomended for everyone

Late request didn't have the time to write all the usual reasoning behind it. Just follow the main advice. It is a risky entry being this high in the price action so please proceed with caution. Entry is not good. I was late to this party but it seems there is room for growth if willing to wait it out.

As with risky trades split into thirds and set the limit orders accordingly.
Dagangan aktif: OK EOS has been paying out greatly. Our first ans second trades were triggered.

We cashed out the second trade after hitting TP target, still in the original first trade currently almost at brake-even. But looking good to the upside setting target at $19.20 (TP) for the entire trade. It has potential to go higher of course but there are plenty of opportunities out there and we are all about making profit.

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