BITFINEX:ETCBTC   Ethereum Classic / Bitcoin
ETC did a double bottom , which is a good sign for a bullish reversal.
If it should close under the trendline , than prepare for a retrace to 0.0014000.
If it should close above the ichimoku cloud and the upper line prepare for moon.
Safe entry level at the rectangle
Komen: first target reached @0.0032
@NailMezet, @vibrant_crypt, @Beerus_sama - Maybe it will retrace to that low... But I very much doubt it. This is a coin that Whales like to PUMP and has big names behind it.

The price has not been pumped yet. Litecoin is like 5x ETC's market cap. ETH is way out of proportion to his father, ETC.

I read an article published on the 23rd implying that this coin is a bubble... How is it a bubble. In USD value it's gone down since last month.

This is the pattern I commonly see: The coin is trashed or forgotten and the price goes low or stays flat. Then... suddenly one day it PUMPS to the Heavens.

If this coin drops, I will be doubling-down... triple-down and keep buying M-O-A-R!!

So, just HODL.

Don't go all-in (because plenty of coins pumping right now) but I think the Whales will PUMP ETC to the Moon. Just a waiting game. $$$
Beerus_sama mightytrader
@mightytrader, yeah you are right.
patience is the key
mightytrader Beerus_sama
@Beerus_sama, I am not very patient, though. The other night I saw all these other altcoins dropping relative to BTC. The nice thing about larger market cap coins (like ETC - multi-billion USD market cap) is it takes longer for them to fall (typically; especially if they are traded on most exchanges).

So, I sold my ETC in the 21 area and made a little profit (previous bought under 20).

Then, I went and played the volatility on 4 different alts and increased my account size by 20%.

Now, I can reinvest even more into ETC; and it dropped to the 18's now!

So, when prices drop, it's great. You won't win everytime but you can many times.

But no reason to sell off ETC. It will PUMP eventually (might take a while so don't go all-in - build your position by trading other alts and putting some of the profits into ETC to cost average.).

Beerus_sama mightytrader
thats nice !
+1 Balas
Is it a typo on the 0.0014, or am i missing something. Should be 2400 i guess.
NailMezet NailMezet
@NailMezet, Nevermind this hah.
Beerus_sama NailMezet
Beerus_sama NailMezet
@NailMezet, ive should written go down to 0.0014 than writing retrace
vibrant_crypt Beerus_sama
@Beerus_sama, it was clear to me :-)
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