ETC to around 90 - 100 USD!

KRAKEN:ETCUSD   Ethereum Classic / Dollar
What do you think guys? Trying to figure out the waves of ETC. Looks like we are heading to 100 USD
Komen: If anyone has some feedback on the waves, let me know! Need to check if it does a small correction after it reaches 48 - 50 USD.
Komen: If ETC manages now to finally break 42 usd and stay above we have confirmation this is wave 3. In addtion the mining difficulty for ETC is now low and is repeating the same patterns from november 3rd. History tells is that history does not always repeat but it often rhymes. I will also add that ETC has a nice roadmap occuring the next 3 months with a goal of making ETC a reason to hold with incentives. The team is working and proving results. ETC until june is looking very bullish.
Komen: This idea is not valid! Check my new idea with better understanding!
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MacD and RSI look much healthier today, 12-22 for ETC.
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Best buy in the mid to late 20s area?
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Miru84 ArryD
@ArryD, we might. BUt there is now strong support at 30 USD! Depends on what BTC does, if BTC crashes to 11 000 USD all other coins will drop a lot and only then I think we might reach 20 USD ETC. Check my other idea which is soon published about BTC. ETC has not been mooning and dropping like the other coins which is good and shows more stability.
80 will be hit at the end of this spike
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It looks good to me
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