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So far, price was not able to close above the U-MLH.
Instead it ran into the natural prior support, which acts now as resistance.

With a second close into the Fork, after price went outside, we would have a very big chance that we see price much lower, somewhere at the Centerline.

Bevor the Centerline, there's a natural support.
It's a weekly level where price could first take a bounce, bevor reaching our target, the Centerline.

Such a unfolding (of a bounce) would fit perfectly into the natural movement of price fluctuation. Always remember - Markets breathe in and out. So this bounce would be just natural.

Trade small, but often!

Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: Perfect example - There is no crystal bowl and no such thing as 100% in the world.

Stops are part of the game plan and as such I've learned to appreciate them, because they protect my capital. ;-)

Thank you.

I made quite a bad entry, on a ETH LONG... would you mind sharing your guess on a bottom to the short? You win some, you loose some! ;)
forker Paulqb
Hi Paulqb

My trading is based on information from my chart analysis, so I don't have opinions.
We all can just play the crystal bowl ;-)

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