ETHEUR: Long term view, chart of all charts

KRAKEN:ETHEUR   Ethereum / Euro
This is how the Ethereum chart looks, plotted against the Euro using Kraken data. It has been the most reliable instrument to perform analysis on this pair, together with $ETHBTC from the Poloniex feed. Currently, we are tracing a daily, weekly and monthly uptrend. Periodically, smaller timeframes might be in a consolidation or retracement phase, to then rejoin the big picture trend in the monthly.
Right now, we can anticipate higher prices all month, courtesy of the daily and weekly signals depicted in yellow and turquoise. This weekend is loaded with fundamental events that can further boost this rally, so I think it is logical to see $ETHEUR hit the daily and weekly top target zones in time or even earlier than expected.

After the time expires for these signals, we could commence a consolidation phase, which can take a myriad of shapes, and isn't predictable yet, other than on a time duration basis. Normally, the market will absorb supply from profit taking, which takes a proportional amount of time to the rally itself, so it is logical to observe what Tim West has noted in his 'Time at Mode' proprietary method. So far, this methodology has served me well, and I would be glad to share the benefits of it with people interested in trading these powerful trends. Tim is working on new material currently, you can pm me or him to learn more about it.

Now, on to the trading reccomendation aspect, if you're long, consider average volatility to determine your position sizing. During a trend, it is reccomended to gain exposure, and while consolidating, trimming it back down, or outright taking profits. Don't risk more than a 10% drawdown on a worst case scenario basis if trading long term, it will be hard to recover otherwise.
Keep your coins safe in hardware wallets like the Trezor or Ledger nano , and make sure you do your due diligence when it comes to cybersecurity, and exposure to centralized exchange risk and margin trading.

Good luck,

Ivan Labrie.
Komen: All my ETH charts above...you can read the detailed breakdown on each chart since I predicted the exact bottom before this rally.
Komen: $ETHEUR update and signals We haven't gotten a warning of a correction yet, wait patiently.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual:

I feel we have a long term top in all coins, I will watch for reentry, but moving money out of crypto into equities and metals.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: We hit the top target with actual, real trades now, market instantly sold off. This is a good indication of a top. Also sentiment is beyond ridiculous already. I am flat, standing aside from ETH for a good while.
Komen: Interesting, $ETHEUR hit my initial long term rally target
I would reccomend to sell and wait for the market to correct if still in.
Should have listened to me bud ;)
IvanLabrie golfballa
@golfballa, and you should have listened to me countless times before maybe...I don't know what any random commenter has done in the past. I do know what I can and have done.
+2 Balas
golfballa IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, lol, ok, don't be upset that you missed part of the run.
IvanLabrie golfballa
@golfballa, lol / bud ;)
That sounds like wise assery...it's never well received.
I'm not upset, I stand by my decisions.
+1 Balas
golfballa IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, Good for you...I still respect your thoughts on the matter.
IvanLabrie golfballa
@golfballa, thanks, just a bit irritating when so many people are acting like wise as$es in hindsight. Nothing personal with you, but you can imagine the stress of unrealized profits, plus people bothering you about it. Not a good situation. I am fine, I had good reasons to exit. But it still bothers me, irritating, not something anyone deserves. Specially not after making a lot of people a lot of money indirectly, and through my signals service.
Anyway, have a good weekend man.
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golfballa IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, That's why I have never published my ideas. Anyways, I didn't mean to come off in a bad way. I do try and give my thoughts to the people I follow, only out of respect. I know a lot about the technology behind it, and the reasons for what is going on in the crypto space; I'm very bullish on ETH. Good luck, and you too have good weekend.
+1 Balas
IvanLabrie golfballa
@golfballa, thanks mate. No problem, just a bit sensitive after millions of people busting my chops haha. Cheers.
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Are your crypto trades still closed? Seems like there's only potential for ETH/EUR&USD to go up right now...?
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sovereignao sovereignao
Thanks btw!
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