ETHUSD - Back to L-MLH?

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dolar
How about a little prove about my last postings from Bitcoin , on this crypto?

See my last post's and then check out this chart again.


I should go to lunch, but hey, here's money to be made and you guys & gals are subscribing like crazy to my website, so...

When you subscribe, I have to hook you up manually, so be a little bit patient.

Confused. What are you trying to show here? Or simply attempting to promote your website????
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forker MS3IV

I have the solution for your: Just don't look at my charts ;-)

Happy Christmas
MS3IV forker
@forker, my apologies. I would like to understand your method and it seems like it could use a bit more informative explaining is all :D
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forker MS3IV
@MS3IV, big deal.

And yes, of course you're right, I really want to promote my site as much as I can.

And here's why:
I offer free information, do a heck of a work for you guys and I want to create a huge crowd.
So far you're 100% right.

Now, instead of writing all the details all the time in every chart, I often point to the free ForkTrading BLUEPRINT, where you can absorb my knowledge.

I invite you to subscribe (yes it's free), take a look and then decide for yourself.

The ForkTrading Method encompasses information you don't see very often.
It's another view in a sense of real physics and has to do with the universal rules of Action/Reaction, discovered by Newton.
No worries, you don't have to become a physician to understand how you can trade with the ForkTrading Method ;-)

I put it all together in a simple and understandable manner.

Again - You're kindly invited to go through the ForkTrading BLUEPRINT (kinda Crash-Course) and then come back to the chart and prove what you've learned.
And if you need help, just drop me a mail.

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please keep it up to date. thx.
forker htgorgulu

Hi & thank you for your interest in my postings.

But please be aware that I'm not a signal service mate :)

I show you how you can do it by yourself.

You can subscribe and learn how to do it.

Wish you happy profits!

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