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Stop thinking so hard about where to buy Ethereum             or what to do. Make things simple by making them systematic. Here is one way to do that. In the chart above, I am using BITCOIN's first major (media exposure) run and correction as a proxy for future behavior in Ethereum             . The idea is to buy Ethereum             based on a .764 retracement. For Ethereum             , we want anything between $50 - $120 per coin (of course, the lower the better).

The risk/reward is incredibly simple for this trade. They are not worth complicating because the crypto-market doesn't allow you to. Anyone that puts on a short on either of these assets is at a huge disadvantage. Anyone that thinks they could time these assets or use leverage beyond their capital is in the same position as the guy willing to short them. Disadvantaged. Ironically, these factors; the speed of trade, the volatility , the lack of liquidity, reduce the variables in the risk equation. Simply buying and holding is the best strategy for either one. To get as many Ethereum             as I can, I want price to reach the purple region.

BITCOIN             could EASILY fall back into its key level $1100. Look at the the green dashed line at 1100 - this was the original major breakout line I expect price to potentially revisit.

But if Ethereum             goes down, won't Bitcoin!? Not necessarily, but probably...

For the skeptic out there, you are seriously wasting your time. There aren't many assets that are so accessible to everyone in the world with only one main goal - to survive. As long as these assets survive, money will flow from all different sides of the world. As long as that happens for the next 5 - 10 years +, they will likely rise exponentially. So let's think about that for a second. If I risk 10% of my net-worth, or even 20%, I could lose 10 - 20% of my entire net-worth if Ethereum             goes to zero. If it survives, I will probably make 10x, 20x, etc, on my investment. Risk/Reward? It's risk $1 to make $10, or much more.
Totally agree! nice view bro but i think $ 85 will be enough for ETH
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Lanmar PRO HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, Thanks, let's hope not! We want to add as much as possible! ;)
bitcoin was a single crypto at that time. these times are different. I think before Aug 1 we will see massive $ influx into ETH, depending on SegWit integration outcome, we may see breakouts
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Lanmar PRO MartinsVilums
@MartinsVilums, Great point. Thx for input
I like this chart, it give me hope :D
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Lanmar PRO Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, ha. Love that
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if BTC fall to 1 k, ETH fall back to 0.02 BTC
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Totally agree!
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well put
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