Feathercoin might want to test All Time Dollar Highs of $1.25

BITTREX:FTCBTC   Feathercoin / Bitcoin
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Feathercoin next stop looks like 8800 satoshi's, and could run as high as 130000 sats -1.02% or even higher. Basuically this is a huge trade in the making. Load the boat and buckle 0.00% in tight.

On a dollar priced chart this is somewhere above 50cents.

I have lines on other charts that suggest Feathercoin wants to test its all time high of $1.25

The bull in bitcoin also suggests this is like and possible to happen soon.

I like very volatile coins, like NXT, Dash, and now Feathercoin as this is an indication of huge upside moves being very possible.

I am also of the opinion Whales are doing a great job FUDing the alt coin space, but they are actively buying very cheap alt coins.

If a coin has a limited up count, then it is only a matter of time before supplies get exhausted and the price has no where to go but up.

Feathercoin is an altcoin that was created based off Litecoin. There will be 336 million Feathercoins ever created as of the current design. The block reward is set at 80 Feathercoins per block and the block confirmation time averages 1 minute.

Feathercoin has a pretty good community backing it. The Feathercoin team is doing its community a huge favor by sending out hand-written weekly newsletters. It is also a fairly popular coin among GPU miners. Feathercoin recently had a hard-fork to switch its mining algorithm from Scrypt to NeoScrypt to make it ASIC-resistant for now.
Are you guys still that optimistic on FTC? ...

I start having doubts about it
@AbuSalihh, The masses are entering crypto, High level players will need a place to transact when the cost of bitcoin, ltc, and others increases. Feathercoin can handle 45k Tx'severy 10 minutes.

Neckline was touched which also coincided with a horizonal level which is powerful smart buy area. I think 25-50cent is next target.

If you have not bought, this is your last chance I think to get Feathercoin below 25cents.
Thank you very much.

Do you think we should wait for trend reversal confirmation?

Or is it safe bet to buy now, using Stop losses to mitigate losses?
Dashtothetop TheCryptoLabs
@TheCryptoLabs, Heres the best answer I think I can come up with...

Check this image for different charts.

6 cents and 8 cents are buys. The misnomer or wild card is that the alt coin market is extremely hot and bullish and FTC just continues to go higher.

So buy smart. If you do chose to buy here, yes use tight stops, or just wait for better price to buy.

Thank you for your analysis of FTC, was very helpful :)
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