Update. New bullish trend in-tact. High probability of major run

BITTREX:GCRBTC   GlobalCurrencyReserve / Bitcoin
GCR has sold off largely due to the huge rally in BTC and unfavorable technicals.
However, if one analyzes the charts from May 2017 and September 2016, it will be realized that the major spike is usually preceded by a smaller initial spike approx. 14 days before.
With the reversal at 0.00001, at which I observed almost no selling and large volume of buying, this seems to be a good entry point. Therefore, it can be predicted that the big spike will happen approx. 10 days from now (could happen sooner or later, as every situation in trading is unique).
A dip in BTC is not a prerequisite for a run in GCR . Remember GCR is purely a technical play.
Buying in this ascending triangle may bring huge rewards in a relatively quick timeframe.
Conservative traders may want to wait until break of bullish ascending triangle .
Remember, only trade what you can afford to lose.
Good luck!
Komen: *Update*
The trend line has been adjusted to take into account the recent dip.
The RSI is still over the support line, so bull trend is still in play.
Komen: *Update 2*
Trend line has been broken, however GCRBTC is acting like it has done in the past before a major run upwards. A bullish ascending triangle followed by stable prices at around 0.000013 to 0.000014. A break below 0.000012 would be bad, but with the buy wall at around 0.000013~0.0000134 level, it seems unlikely to breach downwards at least for now. This is a sign of manipulation OR expectation of higher prices. There are relatively few sellers at this area, which means that most people who bought GCRBTC are at this level or higher, also a good sign. The sellers have already sold off.
Komen: *Update 3*
Massive buy wall at 0.000013 signals that massive buyers at this level are expecting a major trend reversal.
This could be a hint of manipulation that is about to arrive. If there are multiple of these extremely large buyers, we can quickly see GCRBTC headed towards 0.00007 to 0.00015, which is the ultimate forecast.
Komen: *Update 4*
It is likely that manipulation by whales is finally starting to creep in with some huge buyers in the 0.0000135~0.000016+ area. You may want to hold for longer as the run is expected to continue.
Komen: *Update 5*
Remember, even if the big spike doesn't happen today, it will happen within the next week, as the original prediction was 19/12/17. But it is likely to happen sooner than expected.
Komen: *Update 6*
Watch for the classic U-shape breakout pattern. If this is achieved, then this may very well be the big spike.
Komen: *Update 7*
Going by my analysis of the chart right now, it will likely hit 0.000034 soon which is the next Fib extension level and then 0.000042. Good luck! We still have 1 more day to go!
Komen: *Update 8*
Bullish inverse head and shoulders on 30 minute timeframe. Looks like we could very well hit between 0.00007 to 0.00015 today.
Komen: *Update 9*
HUGE buyers at higher end of 0.000023~0.000024 level.
Incoming U-shaped breakout incoming will propel this to the next 2 Fib extension levels of 0.000034 and 0.000042.
Komen: *Update 10*
I recommend to SELL GCR; at least 75% of your position.
BIG RED candle suggests possible point of no return! Protect your capital or beware that you may not see a significant spike until 250 days later!
@lantus91 do you have any thing news update for GCR, bro?
@lantus91 I see a falling wedge is forming, is that a signal for an upcoming up trend? check it pls!
Pennant maybe :)
Im still in gcr
It's going down!! :(
sell? please explain
GCR shows signs of going back up, how high/ low do you think it will reach today?
I think the whales want this to peak
BTAM87 MoneyRight
@MoneyRight, why? I still see 1 more red candle! can it still go up? :D
@BTAM87, im not an expert so if u dont want to take risks better leave now, nevertheless the uptrend is intact until this point.
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