Gold’s weekly outlook: Nov 06-10

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Gold remained rangebound in a band of $20 testing both support and resistance but closed with a minor cut of $5 ending below the crucial $1270-$1272 zone. Intra-week moves were data driven and thus traded in the range which was a bit volatile. Closing basis, gold closed below the support area but still managed to remain between the trendlines thus signaling its not over for bulls yet even if the support has given way. Again gold remains directionless as neither the support or the resistance were broken keeping both bulls and bears mostly fairly placed in the game.

On the chart –

Gold remained sideways trading in a set band, this doesnt open up and directive moves yet making the past week’s trade more meaningless. Continued rejection of both the resistance and support makes the metal ready for move on either direction with a force in coming days/weeks. Gold is still split between the bulls and the bears, we have 2 scenarios –

1. Gold’s move from sub $1270s to test its resistance at $1284 signals there is still a pressure for the metal to head higher if the fundamentals support. If this is to continue gold can head higher to $1284. If this resistance is taken out gold can move to its crucial point in the $1200s to $1297.

2. Gold’s slid down from the support area opening up some activity for the bears. If this trend continues gold can further move lower to test the bottom at $1261. If this bottom is taken out it can slide lower to $1248.

Bullish view – Gold remained in the range but a point to notice was it shortened from the downside which is a good sign for the bulls. Higher lows always aid the prices moving ahead. Even if the $1270s gave way it is still not over for the bulls as they defended the support in $1260s once again. This trend should make the prices go higher.

Bearish view – Gold slid below the support which must give bears some ammunition to erode the prices to test the lows at $1261 again. The move towards the lows and then closing higher suggests a 3rd failed attempt to break the support at $1261. For bears to remain active gold must break the support at $1261.

On larger terms, Gold remains sideways. Prices are expected to be range bound unless a direction is decided.

Possible trades are on both sides, Gold can be bought above $1278 for the targets of $1284 and $1297 with a stop loss placed below $1268.
Gold can be sold below $1268 for the targets of $1261 and $1248 with a stop loss placed above $1278.
Komen: Trade Active
Komen: First bullish target met at $1284
If the reversal is confirmed any target in mind?
vanimator gciriaco
@gciriaco, i have stated in the post that is first $1284 then 1297, after it hits we will revise again.
gciriaco vanimator
@vanimator, I meant like long term. Those are short terms... Thank you brotha...
vanimator gciriaco
@gciriaco, long term remains at 1370 initially
gciriaco vanimator
@vanimator, thanks!
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