TSXV:HIVE May Be Bottomed

Price has reached my buy zone and is working on a daily hammer candle. I think longs are good now, with stops under $2.50. Target for this next wave 3 up is very high from 25-30x the $2.60 low, wave 3 could reach $78.
Komen: well i am updating this already, really low volume, not the type you would expect on a bottoming day. ... lets see how the daily candle closes, I may have posted this too soon, if so, I will continue to update as progress is made for bottom looking.
Komen: Daily Hammer candle posted, chances are greater than 50% that this has bottomed imo.
Komen: I am open to the idea that this correction is still playing out... here's another alternate idea.
Komen: so I don't think this one is done... this is my updated count..
Dagangan ditutup secara manual
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: closing this for now, It may run higher, but I can see the possibility of BTC and ETH crashing over the weekend, and having a decline into next year early jan.
Komen: Action kind of looks bullish since the pop, but there is no real conviction to the upside... BTC futures open this weekend on the CBOE...I am wondering how Bitcoin will react..and HIVE for that matter.
Komen: I think it has topped for (B), now a 5 waves down move into (C) is commencing. It hit the top of the log channel perfectly.
Brand new to technicals but if you mean these shares will eventually hit $78 as a *prediction* and that happens, man lambo+retirement :D:D lol. <3 Hive
@truond2, yes pretty much cryptos will make millionaires. correction may not be done, I am suspecting that $1.67 may get tagged.
truond2 RobbMatthew
@RobbMatthew, thanks for the reply and also the warning/buying opp! Really cool how traders and charters (or it seems) seem very open to helping, sharing and supporting a community (which I suppose is to confirm TA projections to a degree)
@truond2, I enjoy the technicals, and I like sharing my ideas!
68.1 Fib retracement in play. Supertrend on 4hr is saying uptrend not broken until sub-2.30

Agree with your bottom call in this zone.....followed by a monster rally into year-end ??

Good luck!
RobbMatthew mcostigane
@mcostigane, might take some time to get its footing, I would prefer that, daily trend just needs to cool down for a bit, I prefer to see small daily moves down here for awhile to settle the beast down.
Thanks for the analysis! I'm positioned long in HIVE and both technical and fundamental it is interesting. Fundamentally because crypto has only grown to higher highs since Hive's ATH. S'gonna be exciting!
RobbMatthew crescendoinvest
@crescendoinvest, there could still be some squiggles for a week or so, but I think the low at $2.60 should be holding.
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