HSI - Bull signal is here

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Comment :
1) TrendX+ indicator - wandering below red trend line, still mid-term downtrend

2) DDX+ indicator - Bull signal shows up, looking forward a short-term long position

3) MCDX+ indicator - weak banker bar (red) cross-up MA10 line, while retailer bar (turquoise) has occupy more than 50%

Support & Resistance :
R : Resistance line A
S : Support line B

Analysis above SOLELY for case study purpose, not a PROFESSIONAL ADVISE. This analysis does not provide any trading advise and buy or sell. Trade at your own risk. Trade only after you have acknowledged and accepted the risks involved.
HSI has broken down below supporting line B on 5-Sept & 6-Sept and further pulled down on 7-Sept. However, based on my new analysis, HSI touched at point (d) and rebound on yesterday (7-Sept), indicating a strong rebound is about to happen.

HSI rebound strongly on 09-Sept subsequent to bottom forming on 07-Sept & 08-Sept. Currently, HSI reenter the channel by BO supporting line B, and again, resistance line A is on top still valid.

Remark 1: HSI has a holiday on 12-Sept for Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Remark 2: Length of ab=cd
HSI has broken the bottom support on 16-Sept, please be cautious as there is quite bearish at the moment, we'll wait and see if it can return to above support line.

HSI has broken the bottom support on 16-Sept, subsequently fall all the way to the long-term uptrend line since year 1990, in monthly chart.

HSI Bull signal is out, again. Short-term supporting price is yesterday's low at 16558.41.

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Update on HSI


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