ICON: make or break time!

ICON $ICX, also known as Korean ETH, plans to act as an unifying fabric for different blockchain communities, allowing them to interact while maintaining their autonomy. It is a very ambitious project comparable with Ark.
Read this great Steemit article about potential as wel as flaws especially of the ICX token:

ICON has dropped in ranking, but currently is still nr. 24 on coinmarketcap, not bad for a coin that has been around less than 6 months.. it also tells us, that despite the recent pricedrop ICON ain't cheap!

Looking at the chart we see a downtrend in the shape of a falling wedge . Falling wedges are bullish by nature, but I would treat this one with care! As you can see we are close to the Apex, just as RSI has entered in oversold territory on the daily. This could be the prelude of a bigger sell, where prices leaves the wedge on the downside.. A lot will depend on overall crypto-sentiment.. which isn't to good atm, but nothing changes faster than the crypto-market. Still I would choose safe over sorry here ;)
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Definately a make!! Break out, retest and currently the go!
The Steemit article is 6 months old. That's years in crypto.
@Good2c_u, true but the outlined flaws are still valid!
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