BINANCE:IOSTBTC   Internet of Services / Bitcoin

I believe I have found the support level for IOST. Happy trading!
Dagangan aktif: We have a daily hammer and what appears to be a spinning top (of course it needs to close) these are signs that people are attempting to keep it above 200 sats. Is a support level being built? Time will tell.

Dagangan aktif: ^^^ that was the wrong chart :)

Dagangan aktif:

I can say with some confidence that the bottom is in on IOST. We had a double bottom with a lower low and bullish RSI signalling a reversal.

Good Luck!
Dagangan aktif: It is looking good. We are forming a flag here.

Dagangan aktif: I need a towel.

Dagangan aktif: There is a formation of a nice pennant off this flagpole. If it breaks up I believe it will be the last impulse wave and it will correct to make a cup and handle
Dagangan aktif:
Komen: Target of 500 was reached, now we are making a handle to this cup.
Dagangan aktif:
Dagangan aktif:
Dagangan aktif: The percentage was in the way.

Dagangan aktif:
Dagangan aktif:
Target of 500 was reached, now we are making a handle to this cup.
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LOST in this coin
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This coin will have to go 10x for me to get back to even. Maybe my great grand kids will be able to sell this at the BTC price that I bought it at? Or maybe 3 generations from now? SMH FML
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This moment when you are being sarcastic but the analysis works out
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Why stop at zero? I am interested in negative coins. Isn't that going to become a thing in 2018? I'd like to get ahead of the pack. Maybe just give Binance some money instead?
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I have buy orders at -0.00000100
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