IOST/BTC Long-term Prediction

BINANCE:IOSTBTC   Internet of Services / Bitcoin
Note: Amateur/rookie opinion.

Good long-term hold. New token.

The fundamentals are strong for IOST. Capable and professional team.
Smart contracts and DApps. Unique and scalable Proof-of-Believability mechanism.

Added note: If something as rubbish as TRON and XRP tokens (with no usable function) can reach 40c and $3.30 with a 100 billion total supply each respectively, then IOST with 21 billion can certainly reach minimum that price if not higher.

IOST has lower total supply compared to ADA which was also sitting at the current dollar price

Difficult to trace future price for a new token, but current price is almost x4 lower than what it was (end of Januray to present).
Sellers have almost run dry based on volume . Descending triangle pattern could indicate beginning of bullish sentiment and investment.

Long-term price prediction in USD terms $0.4-$1+ (depends on BTC/USD price rise)

My opinion: a good long-term hold
Last time I checked they had an elite team working on this project. I wouldn't bet against them to come up with an ease of use platform combined with security and speed for the every day experience.
@bntoton, Yeah IOST's team is pretty capable and professional. My money is on them to make it work, that's why I invested in them besides objective technicals. My note is merely to point out that like ADA which also has a professional strong team, the token has the potential to rise in price just as much. TRN and XRP on the other hand, far as I read the XRP token does not actually serve a function, unless they recently made an announcement that I haven't read. TRON has a use case but the project's direction is a bit ambiguous.
bntoton lightknight
@lightknight, I've had the same thought. Pretty sure it bottomed out too, should see a spike in the near future. I wouldn't touch XRP, it's been Bear attacked since the lawsuit, doubt they will recover. EOS has a similar, more advanced platform that I'll probably reinvest in also once its retrace is over., my guess within the next 3 weeks. Wouldn't leave IOST though, should be long on this.
@bntoton, yeah pretty sure it will within the next 3 weeks. I've made good money off ripple along with XLM in the previous boom-bust cycle, just didn't like the projects. Oh didn't know about the law suit, been more focused on the technicals, interesting though. Will take a quick read, thanks.
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