Hello IOTA, bye BTC!

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Look what we have hereeee.

IOTA is here to stay almost the best long term gain coin of the year. I called it here first :)
IOTA had a slight increase in it's determination to leave bitcoin's trail and be independent. IOTA will 100% in my head and 80% in everyone else's, pass the support levels I have highlighted in the chart. If IOTA can surpass it, then we have ourselves some serious cash flow. The market cap standing at -8.35% indicates that it failed to continue its breach to leave Bitcoin .

IOTA will be one of the biggest gains of the year, and it should be very stable. My other analysis's are the other coins I think will blow tf up.
Along with cryptonary's ideas, I believe XVG, XRP, IOTA, GNT , and a new one which is -MAID will skyrocket. I have mine picked now follow me if you desire or we will catch up at the end of the year ;).

This could be analysis of the month! What do you guys think? Comment below :0

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I share your opinion about IOTA. Check out AION, similar growth potential, 3. Generation Crypto.
MarioSefa Prometheus777
@Prometheus777, With IOTA at a steady $1.40, we should be seeing some heavy cash. Ill check out AION too, thanks.
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