Big news on Iota

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Recently it was very quite around the Iota foundation and even if most altcoins where on the fly, Iota was still comulating, not able to move. Recently some news came out that Iota will Partner with ITIC to Build A Global Alliance of Smart Mobility Testbeds. But please read the article by your self:


This are big news which can trigger a new run on Iota if it can pass the 32k sat mark. Also the MACD is on the rise.

Keep an Eye on that

Target: 50k - 60k sat
Stop Loss: 23,8k sat
Potential gain: 100%
Potential loss: 15%
Risk reward ratio: 6
Komen: Ok guys I don't know why but the reputation from Iota seems to be really bad in the community that even the best news and fundamentals not helpful to move the price up. Who ist still interesting and want to sit out you better read this:

IOTA's reputation is being maligned because it is a non-blockchain solution for IOT and can do a lot more also. Lot of powerful and influential people have vested interests in promoting blockchains over IOTA. Technical challenges in IOTA are not scarier than those in bitcoin, ethereum or others
IOTA is just sleeping because TRON is moving to the moon. IOTA will wake up soon. Time to buy, hold it and let it take a rest.
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