Possible Bull Movement Coming

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We may see a possible bull movement from IOTA if the uptrend is confirmed and the support level holds. Sadly not too likely as volume is low and MACD has just crossed. But keep an eye on IOT as if support breaks we will see a dip.
Ignore upper channel. We may see a new trend form.
I saw the same thing man. I been rushing to get some more IOTA before it's too late.
@Juvator, Slow uptrend but the technology aspect is whats keeping me in.
Juvator Sparkinflint
@Sparkinflint, Aye same here though I've also read some disconcerting things about the Tangle posted by MIT which everyone seems to have completely ignored. And I've seen the huuuge support IOTA still has. It's still one of the top contenders for the most favored coin picks for 2018.
Juvator Sparkinflint
@Sparkinflint, aw crap you are right.. well learning experience I shoulda checked better. I saw this reposted somewhere as a current post like yesterday.
So this was already outdated 2 months ago. That explains why nobody responded to it haha. I feel embarrassed now
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