Another double bottom that meets expectations.
In the previous 4 IOTA charts, published and warning that the price was entering critical levels, I was criticized for not believing in the project and having a bearish view of its performance.
If you see all my charts, none is for short. It's not in my nature. Always bullish
If we look closely, you do not have to be a pro to see that the IOTA situation was critical.
From its peak, until yesterday, it entered a descending channel , breaking all levels of FIBO, reaching the last.
From its maximum, IOTA lost more than 70% of its value.
Fundamentally speaking there were situations that I do not want to name that did the project very badly.
This and much more, it left me in the obligation to report what was happening with IOTA (it is worth mentioning that it is the 10th altcoin in importance)
Yesterday, when he broke the USD 0.40, he knew that everything was aligned so that he started to recover.

After a double bottom made a break in his fall and rose markedly in price.

While it is in beta, there are many people bought (including me) and we hope that this is the beginning of everything we expect on a project more than ambitious.

The fall made a pullback, changing the trend (to confirm with the coming days)

IOTA keep bullish!

Thank you all for the good vibes!
Can you do an update please ? Thanks
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