IOTA: Better take profits here

To anyone lucky to be in this insane move, I'd reccomend to trail stops or exit here. Shorting is risky always, in crypto, but selling for something that isn't so inflated due to hype would work. I'm sure there will be a ton of rabid bulls jumping at me for this post, which would further confirm the signal of a top here.


Ivan Labrie.
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This might trend up for another week. Buy signal here.

Now ready to move. A 5% max position is reasonable, tight stops, under recent lows.
best guy
Any feedback on the performance?
Iota will be listed on Bittrexx soon, the "insane" run up was caused by its listing on Coinone recently.
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IvanLabrie rolandcura
@rolandcura, yes, good point. I'm not in but it could go to a 3rd target, still time left in the rally. What worried me was sentiment mainly. Fundamentals for it are unclear.
I'm holding on to my IOTA spot, for the fundamentals.
Any updates Ivan? Thanks in advance.
Very interesting, will monitor how this idea turns out. Thanks anyway!
Hey Ivan - Just checking to make sure I’m not dreaming ... but did bitcoin just hit every single price target that a bunch of random a$$ people predicted in June? Holy S%%#^ man. If this isn’t a bubble I have no idea what is.
BRRD ExcitingTechnology
@ExcitingTechnology, it's certainly a bubble but it's on steroids - be careful ! :D
Nidalas ExcitingTechnology
@ExcitingTechnology, when all experts are bearish, it is the begining of the bubble, when all experts are finally bullish and the taxi driver brags about how much money he made with biblecoin, it is time to cash in
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