Trust no indicators... just use them !

Several posts have been made already on that so I'll go with my arguments on the matter.

Always use trend analysis with your favorite indicators to establish stop loss and target limits.
Head and shoulders , ascending flags and pennants are actually indicating you a timing to invest or take profit. To have a clue about future trends, the best you can do is to get live info by keeping a close eye on the volume traded and the order book of the crypto asset you want to trade (Or not !).

The whole point is to know which asset has the best potential to moon and moon usually goes with the market perception of what is a good coin. Read as much as you can on every coin to have an outline of the crypto world in mind, know which ones are solid and which ones are not in your opinion. Know which coin does what, which coin does what another coin does too, which projects are associated to each other. Get a clue about usability of the given cryptocurrency, compare coins between each other. If you invest in a coin and cannot answer the following question on the asset you are investing in, you may be doing it wrong: "Is that coin worth the price it is right now compared to the whole crypto market value ? Compared to real-life usability ?" For example, in my humble opinion, the crypto market overall is overvalued at the moment but don't take my words for it, go check it out, do you agree ?

Do your own research on the assets that interest you. Evaluate if this asset has an edge over the market. Is it unique ? Once you have a list of assets that interest you, only then, go for a trend analysis. DO NOT BUY a coin that just reached all-time high. Look at the life-time price history and reduce your scope to a week to understand if that asset is rather overvalued or undervalued at the moment you want to invest in it.

Use as little as $100 to get a clue about the crypto market pace and movements. Which coin moves witch which one at what time. Although generally full of sh$t, chat rooms and forums are good indicators of the market sentiment and perception, if you know how to read between the lines and understand sarcasm and trash talking (to understand that, you need to know about the crypto world as a whole). By pace, I meant that information you just integrated on a given coin might take days to hit the crypto market collective consciousness. The price will not change when you realise stuff, it will when whales and masses realise them. So you need to listen to them first before any technical analysis or charting can be relevant. To listen to them, you need to know that info before them.

To do so, you have wonderful instruments online. Analysing sentiment trends and big data is easy for any google user... DYOR. And please don't ever base your investment decision again on the aspect of a chart only.

Last but not least, FOMO. Don't fear of missing out, have in mind that those people having their ride on a pumped coin might not have the one you'll get (probably in a matter of hours or days) on your asset when the time comes. I found that leading coins pumps are usually solid and you can ride them if you take them soon enough but that's about it and even then, there is not that many stable coins anymore in the market as it is right now and pumps on leading coins are scarce. If you miss a pump on a given coin, be happy this coin came to your attention. Have a read on it, on the project. Does the team look serious ? What is the market perception of it ? Maybe the next move will be for you, or maybe you will find out that this pumps was shady, no real reason behind it and the community of that coin is close to non-existant, in that case, I would recommend forgetting about that asset for now. For now... because, never stop learning and challenging your perception. What is right at moment 't', can be wrong at 't+1'.

My 0.00000001 on it obv. I hope that can help some, and cool some others down after the recent fireworks.
Thanks man
Another one I forgot to mention as well. There will be times when literally all coins are going down or even dumping. In that case, it is important to always have a safe exit. Get to know which asset is solid and less volatile in stormy weathers.
Best advice I have read now that I am getting a handle on Crypto Trading.
One thing (mistake) I used to make was giving up on a decent coin that was not moving. Now that I have built some cushion I will be patient and wait for a coin to move.
2nd thing - get something like CoinTracking so u can see what u really paid before firing on a trade.
Wise words
Cryptonacci Rabenstein
@Rabenstein, Hehe, ty ty. They may be or more use to me actually. ;)
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