Komodo: Time to Rebuy

BITTREX:KMDBTC   Komodo / Bitcoin
After Bitcoin rally it pushed a lot of alt coins lower than it needed to go. However, that let us buy these coin at a cheaper price. It is going to be the alt coin turn to shine soon. What are your thoughts?

Trade with care.
I just sold all and went into Triggers (TRIGBTC). (so I can buy make more KMD, of course ;)
AbdorhmanThi mightytrader
@mightytrader, if you want a really big winner coming up in the next 3-4 months. I strongly recommend vertcoin. I got in at $4.50. Currently new highs at $8. Expecting $12 end of this week. I am holding til $100. I believe it will be $100 in next 100 days or 150 days.
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mightytrader AbdorhmanThi
@AbdorhmanThi, I wish I bought Vertcoin... just $100 of it back when I first heard about it in Fall 2013... However, I will take your advice and look into it. Good idea to keep reinvesting profits in a coin like this; which has been around for a long time now.
AbdorhmanThi mightytrader
@mightytrader, No problem. I am just doing my part and helping out this community.
AbdorhmanThi mightytrader
@mightytrader, but why do you believe komodo in the long run? If you have good sources or perspective. I would like to hear it. I havent researched this one thoroughly. I only do short term trades with it.
mightytrader AbdorhmanThi
@AbdorhmanThi, 1 month is "in the long run" for me. Anything beyond that... is eternity. lol!

This is why: http://coinmarketcal.com/?form%5Bmonth%5D=&form%5Byear%5D=&form%5Bcoin%5D=Komodo+%28KMD%29&form%5Bsort_by%5D=&form%5Bsubmit%5D=

(it's a funky URL but paste it ALL in; even the last '=' sign)

I always sell into strength. And if I think the run is not over, I buy it back cheaper.

p.s. Be sure to click on the "PROOF" buttons to see screenshots of the sources.
When I trade, I take my profits and keep reinvesting into KMD. Really grateful that BTC took him down to 2400sat area. =D

Only reason this coin is not pumping is because the dev. team is not marketing it. But big things coming!! HODL and keep buying MOAR! =D $$
AbdorhmanThi mightytrader
@mightytrader, yeah btc took a lot of coins down. their usd value is still the same. so it doesnt matter, didnt lose money. I am doing the same too. I buy and sell and rebuy kmd every 5-10% lol.
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mightytrader AbdorhmanThi
@AbdorhmanThi, Awesome! That's what the Whales are doing anyway; but they have algorithms doing it for them; little microprofits as the price goes up and down throughout the day.

Yeah, the USD values are the same... BUT I found that... long-term you want to trade for more Bitcoin... for the exact reason we are talking about (i.e. compounding gains).

However, there are so many PUMPS that I quit worrying about if a trade brings me down 15-20%. I make it back and go beyond over time.

I quit trading USD; it's done me little good. Too much volatility AND what I realized is that you can't buy back USD cheaper.. unless it's Tether... but that might only go down by 0.1%-.5% (which is not really enough to even cover broker fees).
AbdorhmanThi mightytrader
@mightytrader, yeah. the idea is to get more bitcoin. but if the usd value is the same, you dont lose money, you just miss out on the bitcoin gains. I dont trade USD either, i only use it to see if my coin will continue going up from current level. It will get to a point where bitcoin cant outgrow the good altcoins, that's when we will see altcoins climb back up into bigger btc value. So hodl the good ones!
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