Smart Idea that is also very scary.

I have to say, I'm honestly impressed with Kodak. I really didn't think that a major company would pull such a ballsy thing this early in the game. To announce that they were going to go crypto was completely unforeseen from my end. Building a damn miner was also my unforeseen. This all can be a good thing and also a bad thing because things can be played out very differently in the long run of things.

So lets get things on the road.

Let's start with the short run of things, Currently the company is joining in on the whole crypto craze. I won't lie, that is smart move on their part. If you look at their stock value over the past year, it has literally dipped to the point where I was wondering if the company will even survive in two year. But after the announcement of the currency, their stock shot up. to almost 12 dollars again. That's freaken insane and hilarious at the same time. They announced that their is a huge demand for their miners at the moment, which also drove their stock value even higher. So for this quarter, you can expect a huge gain in their stock value. If anything, it's going to be the biggest increase since.... well forever. If you are a short term investor, I would say that is a good thing. You get in while it's still low, and you pull out when your value doubles or triples in this matter which I have no doubt will end up happening. First quarter of the release of their miners will 2x to 2.5x your value. By second quarter, their would be an increase of about 1. 25x to 1.5x your value ( based of the previous quarters value). Then third quarter, a slight increase and probably a slightly decrease in the fourth quarter since it's the holiday season. So in the first year, you will do well. After that, it's will really depend on how well the company's miner and coin does. And by the way, this will most likely take you off the short gain capital list. (if you invested early enough.)

Now for the long part, I don't know how they company will do in the long run of things. Just because they added the whole crypto currency and are trying to pay photographers directly doesn't still love their initial problem which is how to increase revenue or even attract new customers. Unless the company either shifts completely into crypto and throws out their camera making, I don't really think the company will survive in the long run. Honestly, the whole thing they pulled is a double edged sword where there is a huge reward if everything goes well or a very painful ending if things go bad. I would probably say there is two years before we can really say how things will turn out. Not only that but the price of their crypto and stock prices will be very heavily influenced by each other. If their crypto does well, their stocks shoot up which in turn would shoot up the price of their crypto, and which would continue the cycle. And it's the same if their crypto does not do well, their stock price will plummet which in turn would also plumet the value of their coins. Unless, the company has set price for how much their crypto is worth, the first two quarters of the release of their crypto will heavily influence how well the company will do. If they sell a lot of coins, stock will do well. If not, then stocks will drop. If you plan to short the stock anytime soon, I would strongly advice against it since this can really hurt you if things do not play out like you predict it would. (Unless you have insider information) At the moment, the coin announcement threw me off even though it shouldn't have. This has now become the second company to officially announce that they would be making crypto. (First was MindArk for Entropia MMORPG. BTW, I'm not counting all the partnerships that exist with different companies such as Stellar Lumen and Kik , Microsoft and IOTA.)

Anyways, have a good day everyone. I got morning class so I got things to do.

PS. There will be many of you who won't see like this and I welcome and respect your opinions.
Would you encourage buyers to actively trade over the two years that you expect the company to grow, or HODL?
Silent_Pines Agent1025
@Agent1025, Hold for year one. Year two is slightly harder to predict.
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