Lisk Reached the Resistance, What's Next?

POLONIEX:LSKUSD   Lisk / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
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After breaking the triangle pattern and then rejecting it Lisk went up sharply, from $5 all the way up untill the $10, making over 100% growth agains the USD. Indeed a great performance by Lisk, but when, if and where it should stop?

LSK/USD has already reached the upside target based on the triangle breakout pattern, although it failed to close above that target at $10.6. It has produced a spike on the 4-hour chart reaching $10.9. In order for LIks to continue moving up this high must be broken, by the 4h candle closing above it, preferably even a daily candle. If that happens, an explosive growth could take place pushing Lisk a lot higher.

However, while the resistance is holding there is a risk of a downside correction towards $7.6 support level at 127.2% Fibonacci retracement level. Perhaps at this point, it is better to stay neutral and wait for a confirmed break above the $10.9.
Komen: Looks like it will go towards $25, buying on correction could work out good
Komen: Next upside target is $30
Komen: Lisk at the support
Komen: still correcting down, don't see any signals to buy yet
Komen: List continues trading below resistance, waiting for a break above
HiTech oilyprata
@oilyprata, No break yet
+1 Balas
Thanks @HiTech
course and volumen is falling
Buy now or wait for an adjustment?
HiTech Peterandre
@Peterandre, i bought, $9 is support
Thank you for analysis. it is possible to determine new profit target (as you mentioned $25) and possible correction level to re-buy or it is to early? Thanks.
HiTech eddiie42
@eddiie42, rebuy neat $10 is good, target $30
Thank you for your work! Glad I hung in there a little longer than 10.9 tho!
HiTech r3ptar
@r3ptar, pleasure, looking forward to $30 very soon
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