Litecoin pops, after announcement ico mr. Lee

BITSTAMP:LTCBTC   Litecoin / Bitcoin
Litecoin is going to pop, after announcement mr. Lee about his own ico (speculation) launched on.... ltc blockchain. :)

Load the truck.

(my 2 cents)
Komen: In February 2018 the Litepay card is coming... https://www.litepay.us/card.html
the chart looks legit, Im wondering if LTCbreaks the resistance at 0.02, but I would expect a bounce.
If that happened it would virtually kill litecoin. Since litecoin is C Lee’s baby, I don’t see him killing one baby to start another. Interesting speculation though.
jalieum JaCrazy
@JaCrazy, why would it kill litecoin? It could result in a storm on the crypto world :).
JaCrazy jalieum
@jalieum, My comment is based on all the money that the "lambo" seekers have in litecoin right now. I understand they are not the whales but they do make quite a rucous on social media. Perhaps kill was a bit strong but set way back might be better. Perhaps I am putting too much stock in the power of social media and the number of people vice their combined investment, but I can't see it helping at all.
jalieum JaCrazy
@JaCrazy, we see.
No confirmation about Charlie's ico, these are rumors.
gxninja jalieum
@jalieum, despite rumours i like Litecoin's tech and expect a good Q1
Any source about this ICO? I just watched Charlie's interview and he told about stay away of ICO's ...
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