POLONIEX:LTCBTC   Litecoin / Bitcoin
Took me by surprise and can't believe I had already charted it. Didn't trade it cause of following up on Bitcoin , Ethereum and Monero.

Where do you see this going? I see it going a bit further, at least to 0.0093. I'm going to follow this through so stay tuned.
Dagangan aktif: First target
Komen: New target. This looks better:

Komen: Might not be a target, just a pivot line. This could bring it down. Let's pay close attention to it.

Komen: Sorry wrong link:

Dagangan aktif: Short now, buy a bit lower

Dagangan aktif: Going down... good boy...

Dagangan aktif: Another possible leg up!

Dagangan aktif: Possible bull flag confirmation!

Komen: By the way, I'm sorry for not having followed up the previous updates. I fell asleep after updating BTC, ETH and XMR for the whole night.
Dagangan aktif: Elliott Waves + Bull flag formation in an uptrend seems like bullish signs to me.

Dagangan aktif: We're approaching the Pivot point. I think we're going up, but this could also break down, don't get too confident.

Dagangan aktif: Place your bets. Red or Green hammer? I say green.

Dagangan aktif: Pivot did not activate.

Let's see what happens with this triangle now:
Dagangan aktif: Triangle broke up and it hit two resistance lines. I think we're going to bounce at the tip of the triangle/FIB line!

Komen: It went up a bit further and went down by the pivot line!

Dagangan aktif: It has hit the resistance again. If the resistance doesn't break, we're going higher.

Komen: Previous resistance line is actually a support line now.
Dagangan aktif: LTC is getting ready to hit some support.

Komen: This is actually a better view:

Dagangan aktif: Seems like the support line is actually working!
Dagangan aktif: Rectangle bottoms. We're going up again.

Dagangan aktif: We're about to Pivot again!

Dagangan aktif: We're now inside the pivot. Green or red?

I say red.

Dagangan aktif: Pivot was down but it didn't to have had much effect. This is good.

Possible targets in the next couple of hours:
Dagangan aktif: We broke up. And hit new resistance. I just sold some and waiting to buy back lower.

Dagangan aktif: It was a perfect short.

We just hit the resistance again. I'm waiting to buy just a bit lower.
Dagangan aktif: Seems like a trend reversal to me. It should break up very soon.

Dagangan aktif: It went down but pivot lines are working very well:
Dagangan aktif: We went lower than I expected. Although it seems we're about to come back!

Dagangan aktif: We did not come back as expected in the previous update. The reason is not related to Technical Analysis, but to fundamentals.

Bitcoin news came from Japan. They are ready to legalise it tomorrow:

This brought the price of LTC down to the lower Gann Fan level. Although it seems we're coming back up again...

Dagangan aktif: It's coming back up and LTCUSDT gives us another perspective.

Breakout of the pendant and about to get a second green pivot:

Dagangan aktif: Will this pivot break the resistance?

Dagangan aktif:
Dagangan aktif: LTC signals SEGWIT!

PIVOT was also GREEN!

LTCUSDT going to the moon!
Dagangan aktif: LTC just hit some resistance and some support:

Dagangan aktif: Looks like LTC is going to keep going up.

Zooming out...

Dagangan aktif: This could be a bullish pennant.

Dagangan aktif: The pennant seems more and more like this:
Dagangan aktif: The bigger picture
Dagangan aktif: This pennant seems more likely now.

Dagangan aktif: This might be my final setup until breakout:
Dagangan aktif: If you are not long with LTC yet, I'd recommend to long between 0.0057 and 0.0058. It also seems like the TP for this next stage of the rally will be at 0.0088.

Komen: If LTC were a Hollywood actor, it would be this guy.

Dagangan aktif: We went down similarly to what I described.

This is my setup to buy back in:

Dagangan aktif: Added more curves
Dagangan aktif: We're going up now. It's consolidating so I just went long again.

LTCUSDT also seems to be preparing for a run-up.

Dagangan aktif: We're going up!

Just as expected.
Dagangan aktif: LTCUSDT
Dagangan aktif: Stairway to heaven
Dagangan aktif: We're about to shoot up!

Dagangan aktif: This is a better curve. We're about to launch to the moon.

Dagangan aktif: Zooming in before breakout.

Dagangan aktif: LTCUSDT moving just as predicted in my previous update.

Dagangan aktif: LTC LTC has found good support at the Gann fan. This is a good entry point:

Dagangan aktif: Just hit some support. Still on track.

Dagangan aktif: LTCBTC broke out of the bull flag and it's ready to visit ATH.

We just finished the first stop. I'm going short at 0.008 and ready to buy back lower, to keep going higher.

USDT setup shows a good selling point would be $9.50.

Dagangan aktif: Closing up, after leaving the flag behind, there is still need for more correction before visiting new highs.

Closing up on LTCUSDT

Dagangan aktif: Yes, it's playing out pretty well.

Dagangan aktif: LTC is looking very bearish to me in the 15m chart. I'd short it.

Dagangan aktif: next pumps: xrp, bts, str
next dumps: eth, ltc
Komen: Coming back from the dump, we can see LTC testing resistance.

Dagangan aktif: Not trading it at the moment.

Komen: Looking at the chart again, I think it's possible we'll see a 0.01 by the end of the day.
Dagangan aktif: Thinking about going LONG again at 0.0072.

Dagangan aktif: LTC could be testing new highs today.

Dagangan aktif: Seems to me it's going down now. Looks pretty bearish.

Dagangan aktif: Yellow flag upper resistance seems ready to bounce it back up. Dip buyers, pay attention!

Dagangan aktif: Still on track. 0.000066 for a nice dip buy.

Dagangan aktif: I meant 0.0066.
Dagangan aktif: I am sorry for not updating in the last few hours. I had internet problems the whole day and just could get back to the chart.

What I see now is a possible retracement. We have previous red pivots located at three previous FIB Time Zone lines. This could be a good opportunity to short and buy lower. I think we're going to keep going up later though!
Dagangan aktif: To be more concise, we're still going up anyways, I just think this is a small stop/retracement to keep going up later in the week.

Komen: Watch out for when the green candle touches the red pivot... there might be blood.
Komen: It has lost momentum. I think the Pivot will really take it down:

IF it goes down, buy back at 0.009.
Dagangan aktif: If the trend keeps going up, I expect to reach highs up to 0.0142.
Dagangan aktif: Moment of truth. This is become more and more red. I'd advise to short it!

Dagangan aktif: Here is a close up of the Pivot Point:

I think going LONG is the right thing to do at 0.009!
Dagangan aktif: Rising wedge formation after a negative pivot. I think LTC is ready for more doom!

Dagangan aktif: Possible Head & Shoulders to continue downtrend.

Dagangan aktif: Head & Shoulders failed. Now we have a bullish pennant. I think we're going up now.

Dagangan aktif: It's about to break up!

Dagangan aktif: It went down but quickly recovered. Fractals show a possible positive continuation of the trend.

Dagangan aktif: The previous resistance is now a very strong support. Also, we just bounced back the Gann fan support. Two supports seems to me like we're going up!

Dagangan aktif: Litecoin seems to be ready to break the Fan level and go to new highs, around 0.014. Let's see how it goes!

Dagangan aktif: Litecoin, with the rest of the alt-coins, is finally ready to take off. This is the setup:

Komen: TP: 0.014.
Dagangan aktif: Seems like a good support. TP still 0.014.

Dagangan aktif: Testing support again.

Dagangan aktif: Support confirmed, it seems...

Dagangan aktif: Pivot point worked!

We're going up it seems.

Dagangan aktif: LTC about to break up?

Bigger picture

Dagangan aktif: Broke up!

First target at 0.018.
Dagangan aktif: LTC could be ready for a new low to continue bullish tendency afterwards

Dagangan aktif: BitPivot.

Dagangan aktif:
Dagangan aktif: Pivot seems to have worked.

Dagangan aktif: LTC / USDT

Dagangan aktif: Pivot worked!

Dagangan aktif: LTC will probably retrace to the lower fan level or to the lower support level at the bottom of the channel.

Dagangan aktif: BitPivot seems decided to bring LTC down.

Dagangan aktif: I think BitPivot has taken a decision.

Dagangan aktif: It could also be consolidating to go up.... let's see what happens.

Dagangan aktif: Went up and then had a small correction. Seems like a good opportunity to go long before BitPivot takes LTC to test the upper resistance level.

Dagangan aktif: LTC is about to get hit by BitPivot to reach new highs.

Dagangan aktif: BitPivot attacked last night. Now, fractal logic suggests it's time to go LONG.

Dagangan aktif:
Dagangan aktif: Still weak and we're inside a descending channel. We will break it up, but we might touch the bottom at the next FIB level.

Dagangan aktif: Still bullish. Look at this beautiful pennant in the 4h chart.

Dagangan aktif: I will continue updating this idea in the new chart:

Entered the trade right before the breakout. It seems a Cup and Handle pattern was formed in 1 hr chart in the pennant you posted. Just my take :)
Jihan has firmly stated he will be fighting Segwit. Current activation is under 75%, April 18, 4pm PST. It will fail to activate again. Jihan will continue fighting. The charts say up up up, the fundamentals will take it down down down....
@SammyOne, we'll see see see.
LTC going home?
CoinMajesty atractor19655
@atractor19655, needs to take a sandwich and some fresh grape juice to continue its way to the moon.
I'm out of LTC until this segwit period is over. Once the new period starts and I see segwit support over say... 72% I'll jump back in for another ride. I think LTC won't dump dump, but retrace to under $11.
+1 Balas
Time to short. Target - 0,006
bornblu1973 atractor19655
@atractor19655, what is 0,006?
+2 Balas
What do you think of LTC? We have punched support down?
Where I should buying?
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