LTC - Which way will it go?

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
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LTC has strong correlation to the BTC Price pattern currently.
Whilst LTC has broken previous support on the lower time frames, the larger triangle pattern is a true test for both LTC and BTC .

Long - If we see a price move to the upside, we will see it retesting the previous highs of 374, I anticipate the bulls will take over the market for a quick strong move. I expect this will occur within the new year.
Short - If the price moves lower, expect much of the same price action from the previous days (slower bearish action), and get ready to buy big around the $175 mark. This will continue until around Jan 5 until we see the correction turn around.

Overall thoughts are long, but we may see some more pain in the market yet

UP is the only way.
Everyone knows this thing is going to pop higher and test new highs, people are just a little cautious, to me its a good sign its gone into consolidation, shows that people are being rational instead of just throwing money at it without a care in the world.
This is litecoin a house hold name in crypto, and its got a lot going for it in terms of development, honestly LTC gets more TLC (Time Love and Care ) than bitcoin does in terms of community and dev work.... bitcoin is all bureaucracy , lite coin is all... DO DO DO,
I expect heavy buys if it dips which will wake up the sleeping giant.... Lite Coin is just resting.
If not higher today , higher tomorrow, if not tomorrow , next week, there is no losing in this coin IMO but thats just my humble opinion, we are hardly getting into early adoption of blockchain tech, its like complaining about the roller coaster being too slow while we are still listening to "click click click click click" as it builds potential.
I think 2018 is going to be a very interesting and dynamic year for lite coin, im not expecting millions, but I think it will most certainly reach new highs.
This is one to keep an eye on IMO , to me the most interesting coin atm because from what I see , this coin is actually the best coin to "USE" more often than not.... even on exchanges for speculation, the fees are low enough where you can actually move the darned thing and conduct some business, it has A LOT of utility and its not getting the credit it really deserves, I honestly think without Litecoin, Bitcoin wouldnt even function that well, Litecoin is like the grease that keeps the gears of bitcoin "moving" in terms of liquidity on a lot of markets/exchanges because it allows smaller fish to have some liquidity/mobility for speculation on alts.
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