Litecoin at $200+ in the next couple days. $300-500 December

BITSTAMP:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Hi everyone! wanted to say thank you to my Crypto Family on telegram. You guys have offered such great support for me during the past couple weeks and I hope you all have made $$$ Following my trades. It has been great connecting with everyone and proud of the community we have built. Looking forward to more discord conference calls and making more $$$.

Today was a sad and happy day. I called $120 LTC yesterday at 2 AM to the group. Woke up to a very happy LTC gains. Look at my account... BOOM turns out I sold at $1.50 above my purchase point... i was like what...?!?!!? I kept talking about LTC at $120 I failed to double check my sell limits and missed out on a $60k profit. Oh well, you live and you learn.

So where are we headed next? I called $200 a couple hours before it happened. If you check LTC order book they have really weak upper resistance. I really thought it would hit $500-1,000 today. Haha 1 - 100 LTC at each sell point all the way up to $1,000? Come on. The writing was on the wall that we are dying for a bull run.

LTC is severely undervalued. With more people pushing into Coinbase and crypto world we will see LTC have a monster year. It has a great household name of BTC's Silver and much more "affordable" than ETH and BTC . (both coins which have great long term value). Not only that LTC has great tech, its improving its marketing, and it finally beat DASH out. FYI have we heard any scandals with this coin yet? NOPE

No special TA's. No Chat Indicators. Nothing. This bad boy will hit $200+ soon. No day trading mode. If you do, sell at the top. Buy back the dips. I should have babied the market over dinner. I would have sold at $200, buy back $155, sell at $185, buy back $160's. Easy money. I normally post these types of trades on Telegram since its easier and instantaneous vs TV.

So HODL. LTC is going to pop. Time to start accumulating. I will post further TA's and when to buy and sell and rebuys as the market continues to progress. I expect more bull runs in the coming days. I have sell points between $500 - 1,000 atm. I will probably sell a couple in the $200-300 range to make some $$ and buy back the dip.

All in all, good luck everyone! Thank you for you support. I will post on IOTA soon. TLDR: BUY IOTA NOW - sell $7. I called IOTA at $3.45 yesterday. Been doing great ever since. Anyways, Happy Trading and Happy Holidays.
Komen: Even in a slow market using arbitrage and taking advantage of BTC cheap price and LTC/BTC ratios you can make fast $$$.

A bunch of people on my private group chats have been doing it today and made some of their best profits.
Komen: Hi everyone! I am glad a lot of you guys who have remained patient made some $$$. Patience is key in this market.

So expect some minor pull-back, but I think we can see a bull run in the coming future. We will consolidate some more around $170-160 and proceed forward. I think a $1,000 LTC is in the near future. haha

As for all the private messages...I am getting back to you all as soon as possible... my inbox has been swamped with requests. I am raising money for charity as well. Please, if you guys are interested in helping the less fortunate (if u made some $$$ on my trades) and want to help others who do not have access to the resources or ability to make $$ on crypto. Lmk!
Komen: Soooo i guess LTC broke out :) Fun fun fun days. $300-400 is in the books for the short term. This thing will probably run to the mid 200's hope you all were accumulating your coins.

A more official TA will come out soon. For now enjoy some drinks and kick back! Everyone following this trade would have easily made $50+ percoin
Komen: Hi Everyone! Charlie Lee just sent out a very interesting tweet. My team and i have already argued about this point and we all believe we are at 80% mark from a full market crash.

Do some digging into tether and bitfinex. The potential inflation of market value and how Tether isn't backed by any bank or USD value. Read on their terms of service and you realize how scary everything can be.

We might not see a $20 LTC but a huge retrace will happen. Everly large parabolic move has a huge crash. Crypto has had 2000-5000% ROI in the last year. THAT is insane, but i think a correction is in order.

Do some digging yourself. Me and the private group chats all cashed out and hanging tight. I will post a TA when i hear more of an update.

But this has been a huge concern for me since LTC was $80. It is never more in the limelight than now.
Komen: Also i read somewhere Bitfinex has closed its HQ in HK and have been moving its servers around leaving hosts unpaid, etc. Really sketchy stuff. Read Operation Dragon Slayer.
Komen: Congrats to my baby litecoin!!!
Komen: haha apparently ppl think i short the market and forgot about this post :P LOLL
Komen: Hmm market will recover in a day or two for one final pump
Komen: (: market is recoveree and ready to go up
Komen: Easy Moneyyy!!!!
What’s going on with litecoin man?
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regalia Big-Meat-trader
@Big-Meat-trader, BCH was a blindside. Currently team and I are on day trading mode. I got into XRP early yesterday in the $0.60's made good money off of that :)

I still think we are in short term consolidation and market is trying to find a heading. We should be finding a convergence between $300-330 and closing the gap. Market correction is looming now more than ever but we will see. I am overall still bullish.
@regalia, Do you think Charlie Lee’s tweets and him recently trading all his coins has something to do with its decreasing value? And do you think the value of the coin might decrease by 90% as he stated?
Damn knew should lve sold it at 375..smh
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regalia Big-Meat-trader
@Big-Meat-trader, Everyone has different target points and goals. I got in cheap enough i can hold long term :) if you are looking for short term profits cut it at whatever you fell comfortable with.

Nobody ever controls your tradesbut yourself. Its better to have some profits than none at all. Always remember that. You always feel happy when you make X% the moment you watch it run higher the feeling of discontentment sneaks on ya. There needs to be a balance between greed and happiness. especially with crypto.

Wealth Management and protection is key :) Never feel bad for making $$.

Nah I agree. I was just planning to profit from litecoin to buy bitcoin thats all. I think a bitcoin correction is coming in shortly so I would have to make profit fast without losing any ltc. Other than that im holding on to them
addr_x regalia
@regalia Well said! I totally agree with you. This how you don't lose your mind in this crypto market. No one can predict the market with certainty. Taking some profits is always a good idea.

As always, thanks for the analysis. And the good spirit here. This is what I like about crypto.

Happy trading to everyone!
Easy money as in that was it or as buy now, it will moon hard?
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@izybit, LTC will keep running up :) everyone is still HODL up to $500

Updates? How do you currently feel about LTC
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