LTC on the UP SIDE!!! YEAH! Waterfall Recovery...

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Looks like LTC is recovering nicely from a WATERFALL movement, last night...(12-21-2017) phew! Almost back up to $300 price range, things are gearing up again for a POP to the UP Side! (Finally)! Buying in on LTC at prices below $260 was difficult due to excessive trade volumes bottlenecking the Crypto-Exchanges. For example many already know that "CoinBase," was overwhelmed with trading that it temporarily halted trading?!?! That tells us that if these bottleneck issue can/could be resolved then the prices more most Cryptos would already have reached well beyond what most would consider "reasonable,"i.e. the MOON?!
Cross your fingers and Make a Christmas Wish!!! LTC all the WAY!!! ; )
Dec 22
Komen: Update, this Chart for LTC may be setting up for a "Classic A,B,C Retracement"?
If you wish to see what I am talking about...just google/search..."Elliot Wave," ABC Retracement...then select "Images". You should get an idea of what we may see forming up, as we leave once "Market Structure," and begin to enter a "NEW Market Structure," where we should see Higher Highs, and Lower Highs than the previous Market Structure we are leaving. ; )
Watch the Link below: "Hidden Secrets of Money," presented by Mike Maloney. The BEST produced Series explain What Money is, the History of Money!!! (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) Robert Kiyosaki fame.
Sorry i'm an amateur, I googled Elliot Wave ABC retracement and got a few different images, some appear to ascend and others descending - unsure how to tell which you are refering to. thanks
iknoxred2012 grahf4441
@grahf4441, YES, you should see a pyramid pattern with 5 Movements going up then down, then up and down again. After point 5 the "top" of they Pyramid, you will see a retracement back down represented by points A, B, C. Click the links above this post and you can see what I am talking about. Also don't just look at the 1hour, 4hour Charts; be sure to look at the Monthly Charts, and you will see that these patterns can be plotted rather easily. Since the Crypto-Markets are largely in-regulated by futures Markets (the Casino, Bankers) there is little chance that the house/Casino can always win. Therefore, the Crypto-Markets are truly a "FREE MARKET," minus manipulations that often show up in the FOREX Market, DOW, NASDAQ, etc...and the Dollar is actually dying; losing its purchasing power, which is why smart money is getting into the Crypto-Space. Compare your Crytpo Coins/Tokens to US Dollars and you can CLEARLY see the measure of HYPER INFLATION occurring; because Crypto-Market-Space is not regulated by the CASINO/BANKS.

Anyway, click the links below and you will see why people are CRAZY about CYRPTOS!!! Merry Christmas!
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