LTC - It's in the Core Portfolio But Should it Be?

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
I have owned LTC since I first entered the crypto space back in August of 2017. Just a few months ago. We happen to catch it just at the right time and if you read my early posts we traded this and were able to add some to the core holdings. We also bought the dip from the top around $40. But with so many coins out there should we still keep to LTC? Well Let's see how it plays out from here.

LTC is like a great car with a horrid driver! Seriously they just think ok we will develop and people will follow. NO you need to market your product and I see a lack of marketing on LTC's part that it is disturbing as a holder. Just look at their website. My 10 year old could have put that up there. Compare this to DASH' who has a great website, is marketing to everyone and has a team that is devoted to making DASH' #1. I mean that's what I want, not a lazy halfass organization that just thinks the money will flow their way on some merchant services.

These are the issues I have with the team and moreover the Leader!! Charlie quit worrying about what BTC' is doing and look at DASH' kicking your butt!! Get over Roger Ver , your both arrogant and your public disagreements remind me of some millennials (not all most of you are great!) that need a safe space because they are offended by something. You are that millennial! Grow up and worry about your business which I own coins in!

But now that I have expressed my feelings, let's look at the chart. Not the prettiest chart but it's not bad either. The question is do we continue up towards $131 and higher, or do we drop and have to start all over. Well only the market knows, so on the right chart I have the consolidation that we are currently in. Now I have a nice core position here and If it breaks out of the channel I will probably add a TRADE to reduce my overall costs. Why is this. Well for the reasons above. On the other hand if we get a breakdown out of the channel and it breaks the $45 level, I'm headed exit stage right. This tells me there is a fundamental issue with the coin and until the team gets it together I will look elsewhere.

Other than that it is on the edge of being cut from the team. So Charlie, worry about your house and quit complaining about your neighbor's yard. DASH' is kicking your butt and there are several others like Verticoin that are going to take what little market share you have away if you don't focus on your marketing.

This is my opinion as I have had several requests to post on LTC. Right now it's not tradeable and barely investable at this point. But I'm in already but will see what happens shortly whether I head for the exit!

Ltc update <3
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Are you planning to do a LTC update? Thank you very much for your analysis on all coins and thank you very much for sharing your valuable knowledge.
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@goldbug1 seems like we got the breakout!!
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goldbug1 julio9061
@julio9061, Yes we did let's see if it runs now!
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@goldbug1, did you added to your position as you planned? after this ABCDE breakout?
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goldbug1 HighwayPatrol
@HighwayPatrol, Yes sir I did! I added to ETH as well and will add DASH here on a breakout. I only buy breakouts or well defined consolidations after corrections! thank you!
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Clif high's webbot is saying GREAT things for litecoin in 2018. All the haters, shills and noobs will get seriously rekt. 100% long and strong.
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goldbug1 fortunekr
@fortunekr, I had an employee one time told me he could do everything and he was great at what he did. Unfortunately I fired him because he wasn't. Saying things and doing things (like DASH) are two different things. I'm still long LTC but DASH is clearly the leader!
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As someone who made a killing buying LTC at $8 earlier in the year, I absolutely agree with this. There does not seem to be much incentive to hold LTC long term. LTC is marketed at the payment channel for Bitcoin, "the silver to bitcoins gold". If this is the case wouldn't most people keep their wealth in BTC then buy LTC temporary only to transact? If BCH flips the market then there is no need for LTC as BTC's payment channel because BCH is cheap and fast to send already.
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goldbug1 Altinvesting
@Altinvesting, Nice!!!
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