MANA /BTC Broken Triangule, Wave 3 = 1.3k Sats, Wave 5 = 2.3k?

BITTREX:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
MANA has broken out the triangule after finishing Wave 2.

Now is time to reach new ATH .

This shows you that normal wave 3 (not extended) will give us 1.3k Sats .This is because Wave 3 = Wave 1 *1.618 Fibo

If wave 3 is not extended, wave 5 will be 2.1k Sats
If Wave 3 is extende then we will have these levels:
Waves 5= (Wave 0 * Wave 3) * 0.618 FIbo =1.7k sats
Waves 5= (Wave 0 * Wave 3) * 0.618 FIbo =2.1k sats

Hope you understand the targets
So far so good! :) thanks for your like!
Hi, i think that the third wave can be extended, because if you watch the ascendant triangle that MANA has been making, you can establish a minimum objective at 1.5k sat...or more.

Other thing, i think that the second wave has finished at 633 sat, because that was a complex coreccion like triangle ABCDE, when it has finished at E, the price broked the resistance and the rest is history...

It can mean that the fourth wave must be ABC.
vitalizzy MoneyRulus
@MoneyRulus, thank you very much for your comments, actually you are totally right, wave 3 will be extended and wave 2 end on E. I jut wanted to be sure to exit from this coin in a reasonable target

Thank you again!
MoneyRulus vitalizzy
@vitalizzy, Oh, excelent observation. Regards
Sorry for the abreviations and automatics rates, these are not related to crypto, (Sats = satoshis), (ATH = all time high)
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