mana added to bittrex... look for pop like ada just did

BITTREX:MANABTC   Decentraland / Bitcoin
As all ico coins do the dump happened soon as the exchange started trading but now you see a leveling out around the 300 sat mark. If you have been around crypto awhile you know getting in early on a new coin and waiting for the first big push up can be very very profitable. I caught it last night and scaled in and out for over a 15 percent gain in less than an hour! These can be risky trades and because you only need very small moves to have very big percent change I play it safer by when I think its bottoming I slowly buy and once it does start to go up I add to position slowly buying dips as long as its not falling buy is just a slight pull back. Then as we start to take off im selling not trying to hit a homerun but making sure I don't lose and lock in gains. When something is added to an exchange you have no idea who is holding what they think its worth and when someone may dump 5 btc worth of coins which in a coin of this size would have dropped price 10 percent. So you have to start selling the rallies as well as i would have a stop in moving it up as well as selling to ensure if and when someone dumps I'm out in profit.
I have started a telegram chat for now cryptotradersworldwide come check it out! I will post a few charts a day and help anyone with questions.

Looking for a group of people or even a few people to go on a journey with me.
I recently became a full time trader in crypto and don't have much in network or social exposure to not only talk with on a day to day basis but also to help teach each other.
I didn't really expect to be a full time trader at this point but in my opinion and my situation it was now or never.
Recently lost my job and was trading crypto very seriously since April. I spent approx. 40-80 hours a week learning, reading and analyzing charts.
I wanted to have a larger account and be more financially stable before taking this kind of pressure on but i also know that sometimes you got to just go for it!
I had two choices to either continue to look for a new job and eventually get one and go back to part time trading which is much harder because when your not available
you miss a lot of what is going on as well as you tend to chase or get emotionally upset because your right but because of timing your wrong.
So i took the step and am fully committed to trading full time.
I also wanna find another market to trade because in the long run this market wont always be this good and if I'm doing this for income I always have to be a step ahead.

A few things I've learned about trading so far.

Timing is far more important than being right.
Good entries and exits can be far more profitable than just being on the right side of a trade.
your opinion doesn't matter but you also have to use common sense when it comes to making decisions.
Majority of times you have to go against what everyone else is doing and everywhere you look for help is gonna say your wrong.
A plan is far more important than making money.
A strategy is very important!

If you would like to link up or connect looking to start a telegram group, Facebook group or whatever work for the majority to be able to connect help each other and learn.
Even simple feed back on charts helps me and lets me know there are people out there like me.

Thanks again

AJ Smith

Donations always greatly appreciated and really help me as I take this journey as a full time trader.
Always willing to help anyone with any trading ideas or ?s.
I don't expect anything so don't feel I need something from you in order for up to talk or for me to help in anyway i can!!!
I learn a lot from just helping others! :)

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@Playj, please your telegram group link
Playj AnthonyPaulAjayi
@AnthonyPaulAjayi, Come check it out share some charts and share any revelant news!
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