NEO is not ready "says the Oracle" 31.10 or 11.1 or 1.11 hmmm?

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
This has been like Binge watching the Matrix Trilogy.
So I said f**k it let me take a look.
The ceilings are too hard and the chose one will not be ready for many gigs. While he waits in his ship being plugged into the matrix fighting the China laws in order to realize his true potential. The rest of Zion waits.
It looks like it could catch us off guard on Halloween as we are occupied, which is usually what happens to Americans. (Labor Day)
but November 1st could be the day, if not than November 11th is mos def going to be the opening to this box office trilogy.

Bets? What you don't see are the hidden lines which makes the date 11.11 interesting because it would form almost a perfect 33 degree Triangle. That is if you use certain trend lines based on certain Moving averages mixed with traditional trend lines .

Interesting indeed. Seems like we have been waiting long enough? The charts don't lie.

Rett Sloat
That would give just there perfect amount of time for the whole china thing to pass over....
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